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  • Olds College
    For almost a century, our emphasis on hands-on training, applied research, and innovative learning has resulted in graduates who are in-demand and have the skills and the tools they need to succeed.
  • Facilities
    Olds College has advanced educational facilities, providing valuable hands-on experience for future success. We provide plenty of comforts, including on-campus residences, gym, fitness centre, a swimming pool, and more.
  • Beautiful Grounds
    The Botanic Gardens an aesthetically beautiful, diverse and well-maintained garden and constructed wetlands. Not just a walk down the garden path, the gardens are designed to meet the instructional needs of courses and programs on campus.
  • Calgary Campus
    The Olds College Calgary Campus is home the The Fashion Institute and the Fashion Programs. The establishment of an Olds College Campus in Calgary greatly enhances learner access to Olds College

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Campus Initiatives


Connect Your Passion

Connect Your Passion
Olds College is on the forefront of education and the first college that has stepped up to make sure its learners are ready for entrepreneurship.  Mobile is instant and engaging, and education delivered on this platform is a game changer. The intersection of technology and education is going to change the way students learn


Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Spirit of Entrepreneurship is the first comprehensive course delivered on an iPad app with a gamified business simulation. Students learn to start and run their own lemonade stand empire in a social and mobile environment. This course offers students the opportunity to learn and apply entrepreneurship concepts by participating in a fun, dynamic and digital learning environment.



Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from the multiple bottom line concept of economic; environmental; educational; social; and governance responsibilities.



Vision Mission & Values
Our Mission is to create an environment for learning, inquiry, partnership and communication that supports our students, our employees and our communities in the service of society.