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Our goal is to develop a Botanic Garden on the Olds College campus, which introduces, conserves, and maintains a diverse, well-documented and accurately labeled collection of prairie hardy plants.

Our collections will preserve our natural heritage, expand the role of Olds College as a Centre of Excellence in Horticulture, and gain formal recognition with the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (CBCN) and the American Public Garden Association (APGA).

Olds College Botanic Garden will enhance and support education, training, demonstration, and applied research programs that span the generations and encourage the exchange of information and ideas with industry, students, other botanical gardens and the public.

The Botanical Garden will also raise awareness with the public regarding the importance of sustainable environments.

Bishop of Llandaff dahlia with the Land Sciences Bldg. in the background

About Us

Not just a walk down the garden path, the gardens are designed to meet the instructional needs of courses and programs on campus, and are used as the location and subject matter for research projects. The Botanic Gardens an aesthetically beautiful, diverse and well-maintained garden and constructed wetlands. Highlights include our collections of hardy peonies, lilies and roses, natural areas, a wide variety of aquatics, herb garden, fabulous annual displays each year and much more.

The Gardens are comprised of three phases spread over 25 acres and are populated with a wide ranging collection of prairie hardy plant material, both native and ornamental.  The most established parts of the garden are the Central Portion  opened in 2002.

The third and most recent phase of our Botanic Gardens is the East Portion which contains the Constructed Wetlands, opened in early September of 2013.

The three phases when considered together include naturalized landscapes, specialty gardens, walking trails, demonstration plots, an arboretum and 20 constructed treatment wetlands and display ponds. The area is complete with two public gazebos, an amphitheater and event areas. The Botanic Gardens & Constructed Wetlands has the ability to host weddings, reunions, graduations, workshops, and boasts 1.3 kilometers of trails throughout the gardens and wetlands. 

Botanic gardens are quite different from other public garden spaces or show gardens.  To be able to be identified as a botanic garden, several criteria must be met.  For example, botanic gardens must:    

  • Be open to the public
  • Exhibit a degree of permanence
  • Use a scientific basis as the foundation for their collections
  • Document and monitor the collection
  • Communicate information to other gardens, institutions and the public

The Botanic Gardens and Constructed Wetlands at Olds College is dedicated to meeting all criteria and continuing to expand its value to the college and extended community. 

To learn more about the standards to which botanic gardens adhere, and the history of botanic gardens, visit Botanic Gardens Conservation International.


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