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The Olds College Botanic Gardens and Treatment Wetlands aims to act as a resource to individuals and organizations, providing information on gardening on the prairies, constructed wetlands, and much more. If you or your group would like to learn more, including arranging a tour of the site, please e-mail us at



Partnerships and Associations



Olds College Partner of the Year

On April 9, 2003, the first annual Partner of the Year Award was presented to Henry Heuver at the 90th Anniversary Gala.

The college has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Mr. Heuver. As owner of Foothills Landscaping in Calgary, he has combined his passion for mentoring and for horticulture to create permanent enhancements to Olds College programming.

“Henry’s enthusiasm has truly been transformational for Olds College,” said H.J. Thompson, Olds College President. “As a man with a vision, Henry simply does whatever is needed to help turn our campus into a living laboratory and increase learning opportunities for our students. He chairs the botanic Garden committee, sits as Director on the Olds College Foundation, leads campaign through his influential industry connections and supports our growth through personal financial commitments. But he also rolls up his sleeves and digs in the soil whenever needed. Henry Heuver is a true friend and major influence on Olds College”.

For his part, Henry Heuver is committed to expanding teaching opportunities wherever possible – both to benefit students and to maintain a healthy agri-horticultural industry in Alberta. When notified of the honour Olds College was bestowing on him, Mr. Heuver responded in the unassuming manner that has become his trademark.

Mr. Heuver was instrumental in the development of the Olds College Botanic Gardens, which were officially opened in July 2002 by Her Honour, The Honourable Lois Hole, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.  He has continued his tireless support as the third phase of the Botanic Gardens and  Constructed Wetlands has moved to its completion, opening in the fall of 2013.


Olds College joins forces with HisTREE

In March 2013, Olds College embarked on an exciting new project with HisTREE, a company that creates and provides management systems to simplify the collection and analysis of field data.  Using QR codes and an app that is tailored to the Olds College Botanic Gardens and Treatment Wetlands, staff and visitors will be able to scan plant tags, labels and signs with their smart phones to access more information on plants and beds within the gardens.  Staff will be able to track maintenance tasks, health concerns and growth rates in the field, and instructors can use this system with students, having them contribute information to the database among many other activities. This technology will also greatly enhance the interpretive value of the gardens for the public. This system had a soft launch in 2015, and by the spring of 2016 will be fully operational in the Wetlands portion of the gardens. Integration into the Central portion of the garden will be ongoing.  


Olds College Botanic Gardens and the Alberta Regional Lily Society

Olds College has been working with the Alberta Regional Lily Society (ARLS) since 2008.  Over this time, dozens of lilies have been trialed and information collected on emergence dates, height, bloom time, bud and flower count and other criteria.  Comparison was done on planting depth, use of mulch and the depth of mulch used.  This information has been evaluated and the results put into articles which can be found on our website.

Recently, a series of articles has been developed on Lily Basics, published in the newsletters of both the Edmonton and Calgary Horticultural Societies. These are also available for downloading.

Working with the ARLS the Botanic Gardens has also established three collection gardens—species lilies, Alberta Bred Lilies, and lilies bred by Fred Fellner.  These are located in the Central portion of the gardens, providing an invaluable resource for gardeners hoping to choose a hardy lily for their landscape.


As a botanic garden, memberships are held in several organizations which provide opportunities for networking with other gardens and their staff.


American Public Garden Association

The APGA is committed to increasing the knowledge of public garden professionals throughout North America through information sharing, professional development, networking, public awareness, and research so they have the tools to effectively serve visitors and members.


Perennial Plant Association

The Perennial Plant Association connects professionals, provides education, and promotes perennial plants.  Each year they choose the Perennial Plant of the Year ™ (POY™), showcasing a perennial that is a stand-out among its competitors.  Many of the past winners can be found in the Olds College Botanic Gardens.  The manager of the gardens, Jane Reksten, will be presenting at the 31st Perennial Plant Symposium in Vancouver in July, 2013.


Canadian Botanical Conservation Network

The  objective of Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (CBCN) is to preserve the biological diversity of Canada's rare and endangered native plant species, wild habitats and ecosystems through the education and conservation programs of our members, including botanical gardens and arboreta.


Alberta Native Plant Council

The Alberta Native Plant Council (ANPC) promotes knowledge and conservation of the native plants and vegetation of Alberta.  The ANPC’s 26th Annual General Meeting and Workshop - The Role of Vegetation in Alberta’s Wetlands – was held at Olds College on April 12th, 2013.


Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership

The Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership offers training, expertise and networking to professionals seeking to implement sustainable storm-water management in land development.  They partner with communities, academics and stewardship groups to help them increase awareness, understanding, acceptance and action towards upland practices that will lead to healthier watersheds in Alberta.