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Botanic Gardens Map ABL1ABL1 Asiatic Lily Garden Iris Gardens Kemp Memorial Natural Areas Conifer Bed Water Garden Rose Garden Perennial Border Day Lily Garden Herb Garden MonocotGarden Alumni Peony Garden Gazebo APT1 Shade Garden Promenade South Promenade North Crabapple Orchard American Selections CleoMemorial Alpine Garden memorialGardens

Central Gardens:

The first two phases of the gardens, established in 2002, have matured into a diverse landscape home to many of our plant collections and specialty gardens. This 5 acre site stretches south from the Land Sciences Building past the James Murray Building. Over 20 garden areas have been created and planted based on particular criteria for each one.  The legend to the left indicates the types of collections that can be found.

Geographical collections are based on plants endemic to a defined region.  Ecological collections are defined by a particular range of environmental conditions and include plants associated with a specific ecological community.  Taxonomic collections demonstrate principals of plant classification and evolution, including plants from a defined taxonomic group.  Landscape collections are designed to showcase plants grown for their ornamental and landscape qualities and uses.  Several Memorial gardens are found within the Botanic Gardens, each paying tribute to a valued member of the Olds College community.