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  • Fall comes to the gardens.
    Still lots to see as the temperatures cool!
  • Amazing Aerial Footage!
    See the wetlands throughout the year from the air! See aerial footage on YouTube!
  • The Greenhouse Sales are back!
    New this week - hardy lily bulbs!
  • Greenhouse Sale takes the summer off.
    Check back in September for more great sales!


The historic red Heritage Barn anchors the main entrance at the south end of this spectacular garden.


Have you ever heard of the Seven Bridge of Konisberg?  It is an historical math problem consisting of bridges linking two islands and involves finding a route between them which requires each bridge to be crossed completely (no doubling back!) and only once.  One of the classes at the College created the same challenge for the Wetlands - click here to see a map of the site and its bridges - see if you can solve it!

EAST - Constructed Wetlands

This third phase of the garden is in strong contrast to the first two. Spread over 20 acres, and encompassing a series of 19 ponds, the scale is dramatic. If you walk the entire pathway system you will have covered 1.3 kilometers. Newly planted with hundreds of trees and shrubs, native plants, perennials and wetland plants, the site is truly impressive.  To really get a sense of the site, click here to see aerial footage taken with a camera in a remote-control model airplane - definitely worth a look!

The south end of the site near the Heritage Barn and main Entrance is the most formal, moving towards the north end, the feel becomes much more informal and natural. The Gazebo on the top of Celebration Hill provides the best vantage point to see the garden in it's entirety. What is not obvious to the eye is the function of the ponds - treating and polishing run-off water from the campus, and providing incredible research opportunities in the area of waste-water treatment.

If you are visiting the Wetlands, especially with an organized group, there are a few hazards to be aware of.  Please view our Visitor Orientation document to learn more or contact the Botanic Gardens Manager at 403-556-8323.