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  • Fall comes to the gardens.
    Still lots to see as the temperatures cool!
  • Amazing Aerial Footage!
    See the wetlands throughout the year from the air! See aerial footage on YouTube!
  • The Greenhouse Sales are back!
    New this week - hardy lily bulbs!
  • Greenhouse Sale takes the summer off.
    Check back in September for more great sales!

More on HisTREE

Download the Public App from the App Store and learn more about the Olds College Botanic Gardens!




As a botanic garden we are required to keep records on our plant collections including details such as plant type, scientific name, supplier, planting information and more.  We also aim to share as much information as possible with our visitors.

To assist in efforts to meet these goals, Olds College entered into a partnership in 2012 with a company called HisTREE - a product of Nektar Data.  Primarily an asset management company tying data to GIS location information and using Apps and cloud-based data, HisTREE was developed to manage green spaces and in particular urban trees.  Olds College Botanic Gardens has worked with HisTREE to tailor their program to the unique needs of a botanic garden. 

Assets in the garden can take many forms - plant material, beds, signage, ponds, irrigation boxes etc.  Information on these assets is accessed and added by scanning a QR code (unique to HisTREE) found on plant labels, tree tags and signage. 


Garden staff, college staff and faculty (and in some cases students) make use of the HisTREE app.  This allows them to scan the QR code found on an asset and viewing vast amounts of information on the attributes of the asset as well as any information on the maintenance or care of the asset.  Photos, documents and links can also be accessed.  If the garden staff is carrying out a task such as pruning, that task is recorded onto the QR code as well and can be viewed by other staff at a later date.


Visitors to the garden can download the Olds College Botanic Gardens App (found on the App Store or by scanning this code.  QR codes can then be scanned, bringing up a PDF that will provide more detailed information on the plant, sign content, pond, or planting bed.