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Campus Security Olds

Phone: 403-556-8224
Toll Free: 1-800-661-6537 ext 8224
Email: g4s@oldscollege.ca
Location: Centennial Village First Floor Foyer



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Parking Map

Parking Map of Olds College

View a detailed map of the appropriate parking areas with the Olds College Parking Map

Parking at Olds College


All students, staff and visitors who park on campus between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, September – June are required to have a parking permit.  

Parking permits are issued on the understanding that the owner\driver has the responsibility for obtaining and adhering to all traffic laws and campus regulations in place.  The Traffic Act is fully applicable on campus 24 hrs \ day.

The Town of Olds has parking restrictions in effect in residential areas close to the College.  Individuals are strongly encouraged not to park in these neighborhoods and to use the appropriate parking lots on campus.


  1. There are 6 types of parking permits:

    • College Student Permits.
    • College Residence Permits.

    • Staff Plugin Permits.  (A Board of Governors permit is identical to this, with BoG labeling).

    • Staff Non-Plugin Permits.

    • Temporary College Guest Permits (ePermits), available from department administrators.  For access to issue these permits, please contact Patti Bauer.  These permits are intended for college guests and may not exceed 2 weeks in valid duration.

    • High School Student Permits.

  2. All College Student permits are valid for either plugin or non-plugin stalls. College Student Permits are charged at a rate of $18 per month.  These permits may be purchased by all college students, with the exception of students living in the Centennial Village and or the Townhouses.
  3. Staff plugin permits are valid only in plugin stalls.  Staff non-plugin permits are valid only in non-plugin stalls.  Staff Permits are charged at $10/month (non-plugin) and $18/month (plugin) for College staff.  

  4. College Residence Permits are valid overnight in the parking lots immediately surrounding the residences (F, FF, G, GG, H, R), and in the east-most row of lot DD, and are charged at a rate of $25/month.  These permits may only be purchased by residents and staff of Centennial Village or Townhouses.

  5. High School staff and students may obtain permits from high school administration.

  6. There is one-hour parking available to visitors in lots C and D. No student parking is permitted in these lots.

  7. Payment of all parking tickets can be made at the Office of the Registrar, located in the south end of the Bell E-Learning Centre for staff and students.

  8. Application for College Student and Residence parking permits can be requested by clicking here

  9. Application for Staff parking permits can be requested by clicking here.

  10. Ticket appeals can be made by filling out the Parking Appeal Form e-mailing Patti Bauer with the supporting evidence: pbauer@oldscollege.ca Note that appeals will only be reviewed after the ticket has been paid in full. 

  11. Parking regulations apply to all vehicles parked at Olds College and are posted on our website as part of Policy A14: Campus Parking. Please see the Policy, Procedures, and Regulations.

  12. For a map of the Campus and Parking locations, see the Campus Map

  13. Please respect our community neighbors and refrain from parking on nearby streets, by the Pomeroy Hotel, at the Aquatic Centre, or in Lot N.  Students and staff may be ticketed or towed in these areas. 

  14. For patrons of The Crossing, we want to ensure that no one drives while under the influence of alcohol.  Please see your server to arrange for overnight parking privileges.