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  • Olds College
    For almost a century, our emphasis on hands-on training, applied research, and innovative learning has resulted in graduates who are in-demand and have the skills and the tools they need to succeed.
  • Facilities
    Olds College has advanced educational facilities, providing valuable hands-on experience for future success. We provide plenty of comforts, including on-campus residences, gym, fitness centre, a swimming pool, and more.
  • Beautiful Grounds
    The Botanic Gardens an aesthetically beautiful, diverse and well-maintained garden and constructed wetlands. Not just a walk down the garden path, the gardens are designed to meet the instructional needs of courses and programs on campus.
  • Calgary Campus
    The Olds College Calgary Campus is home the The Fashion Institute and the Fashion Programs. The establishment of an Olds College Campus in Calgary greatly enhances learner access to Olds College

thumbnail school intro 1965.jpg

1965 Introduction to Olds College

A blast from the past. This introduction to Olds College was used as a marketing tool to recruit new students.

thumbnail school fairs 1965.jpg

1965 School Fairs 

A video from 1965 promoting the Olds School of Agriculture AKA Olds College



Explore the history Olds College from points in time since 1911. 


Seeding Success

Learn about the roots of Olds College from the past 100 years with the "Seeding Success" book.

History @ Olds College

The Olds College campus is a historical landmark. In the year 1911, Olds College was nothing but a demonstration farm. It was in November 21, 1913 when it opened as the Olds School of Agriculture and Home Economics, with W.J. Elliot as the principle. Each facility at Olds College has its own story and contribution to the history behind Olds College. Check out the Facilities Section to learn more about each individual building.

OCAA History and Museum

Alumni Corner (aka the Alumni Museum) maintains an impressive collection of archives and artifacts that ensure our rich century-long history is preserved by caring hands as a legacy for future generations.

The collection is used by members of the college community for reference or displayed at events showcasing Olds College’s distinguished achievements. 

Ask Us or Visit Us

Still have questions? Ask Us. Or take advantage of our many opportunities to come for a campus visit. Register online or contact our Campus Visit Coordinator, or check out our VIRTUAL TOUR.