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Ag-Tech Learning Hub

The Ag-Tech Learning Hub is being redeveloped from the James Murray Building. This new building will be the home to the new Ag-Tech programming and will house the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology along with open concept learning spaces, offices and classrooms. Thanks to the funding from David Werklund, Foothills Landscaping, Mountain View County and the Students’ Association of Olds College, the Ag-Tech Learning Hub’s transformations will support new technology programming and future growth at Olds College. 

Fostering high-tech and innovative learning environments, the Ag-Tech Learning Hub will encourage active learning and innovative drive for our students. The new specialized learning facility  will enhance students’ education and help prepare them to work in their desired industries. Olds College students will be greatly impacted by these innovative spaces for years to come. 

The Ag-Tech Learning Hub will enhance the physical learning environments for students by including adaptable space for current and future technology integration. The Ag Tech Learning Hub will be 3000 s.m. of learning space, including a huge lecture space, large lab spaces, collaboration and group areas for students to use, as well as a student commons space right in the very center. Chandos Construction is building the Ag Tech Learning Hub.

“The Ag Tech Learning Hub is going to be a very exciting and interactive space for teaching and learning,” Christine Chalaturnyk, Associate Dean of Werklund School of Agriculture Technology expresses. “This innovative building will be open, inviting and transparent where people will see all the exciting teaching and learning that happens in our courses.”

 “The very essence of this building is celebration and we can’t wait to experience the excitement and energy that will flow in and through this exciting learning space.” 

  • Groundbreaking: January 2021

  • Construction: December 2020 to August 2022

  • Grand Opening: September 2022