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Equine Barns & Riding Arenas

Olds College is home to two professional riding arenas that are used by our Equine classes and the Olds College Rodeo Team.

Brawn - South Arena

Brawn Arena (South)

The Brawn Arena hosts several equine classes such as ground training, western riding, coaching, massage therapy and driving the draft horse. It includes a wash bay, two large tack rooms, tack lockers, a classroom, a cattle handling system, bucking chutes and a roping box.

The stabling component holds 28 horses. This arena is shared with the Olds College Rodeo Team. Rodeo practices take place during the week and College rodeo events, including our annual Alumni Rodeo and Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association rodeos, are held here.

McLellan Arena

McLellan Arena (North)

Several equine classes take place in the McLellan arena including English riding, horse health care and coaching. This arena is complete with a large wash bay, four tack locker sections, and a vet/farrier room.

The stabling component holds 48 horses. The Animal Health Technology program uses this arena for several of its equine classes including radiology and students in the Race Track Program use this arena for the first few weeks of their training. This arena hosts many events such as riding clinics, massage clinics, Animal Health Technology dog training classes, and more.

Farrier Labs

A student in the Olds College Hoof Care & Trimming Program. The Olds College Farrier Labs are an important part of the Farrier Science Programs, and is also where many of the Equine Continuing Education courses such as Horse Hoof Care and Trimming, take place.

Equine Production Barn

The production barn is where all the reproductive courses such as hand breeding and artificial insemination class take place. It is complete with six box stalls, breeding stocks, a breeding shed with a mount phantom and a tease wall. Upstairs is the loft where the production and breeding management students spend many of their nights during foaling season. This barn also contains a well-equipped vet lab which includes the necessary pieces of equipment needed for the collection and evaluation of semen (fresh, cooled, or frozen), and for insemination of the mare. This barn is maintained by second year equine students.

Equine Foaling Barn

The foaling barn is composed of six large 16x16 stalls, each complete with rubber matting, and a camera with which the students can monitor the mares on the computer in the loft. This barn is used throughout the year but sees most of the action during foaling season which begins early March and ends early June. The Animal Health Technology program uses this barn for dental and other horse handling labs.