The Olds College Board of Governors uses the Policy Governance® model. Policy Governance is a model of governance created by Dr. John Carver. It enables boards to provide strategic leadership in creating the future for their organization while ensuring accountability of the CEO to the Board and of the Board to the “ownership. 

Board Policy: Board of Governors Policy Manual

Board Minutes: February 25, 2021

Board of Governors

Olds College is a board-governed public College operating under the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

Anita Heuver
Public Board Member

Donna Maxwell
Public Board Member

Gordon Cove
Public Board Member

Paul McLauchlin
Public Board Member

Meghan Dear
Public Board Member

Ted Menzies
Public Board Member

Leona Staples
Chair, Public Board Member

Jennifer Wood
Public Board Member

Marnie DesJardins
AUPE Representative

Keith Smyth
Faculty Representative

Michael Franciw
Students Association of Olds College Representative

Paige Whitehead
Students Association of Olds College Representative

Stuart Cullum

Olds College - Mandate Statement

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Olds College is a board-governed public College operating under authority of the PSLA.

The College awards certificates, diplomas, applied degrees, and baccalaureate degrees designed to meet the needs of both learners and the communities served by the College. Olds College programs offer learning opportunities in agriculture, horticulture, land and water resource management, animal science, business, fashion, technology and apprenticeship training. A number of additional programs and services are offered to serve the needs of the region including adult basic education, career training and non-credit courses, as well as cultural and recreational activities.

The expertise and facilities at Olds College are both specialized and unique, including a significant land base for hands-on learning. The College works with industry partners and clients to develop and deliver a range of training programs and products designed to meet desired specifications. These outreach services are offered throughout the Province of Alberta, across Canada and internationally.

Olds College programs require learners to acquire and demonstrate competencies defined and updated through collaboration with representative industry partners and advisory groups. The quality of Olds College programs is continuously improved through a policy-­based cyclical review process that seeks input from learners, graduates, employers, industry advisors, faculty, and staff.

Olds College offers a residential campus environment that helps learners to achieve successful outcomes by providing a safe, caring, living and learning community in rural Alberta. Learners at Olds College have access to a complete range of services designed to enable each of them to meet their educational goals.

Olds College is committed to using innovative partnerships to sustain and enhance the ability of the institution to achieve the outcomes established by the Board of Governors. Olds College is an active participant in eCampus Alberta, promoting and supporting learning through technology. Consistent with the Campus Alberta concept and the Pan Canadian Protocol on Mobility and Transfer, the College is signatory to articulation agreements with universities and colleges provincially, nationally and internationally. Olds College, through the Community Learning Campus and other initiatives, is committed to expanding learning opportunities for rural Albertans and works with educational partners in the secondary schools in Olds and the regional community. Through its affiliation with the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics of the University of Alberta, Olds College participates in a broad range of joint educational and research activities.

The College actively pursues involvement in applied research that advances innovation-based rural economic development in Alberta. The applied research activity undertaken by the faculty and research staff at the College supports and informs the curriculum through exposing learners to the most innovative and up-to-date information available in a variety of disciplines. 

Approved by the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education, June 12, 2014