Board leadership requires that the board provide the vision, values, mission and outcomes. To do so, the board must first have an adequate vision of its own job. The Policy Governance approach provides a powerful framework for structuring this task. Following this approach, boards can free themselves from unnecessary, time-consuming involvements and focus on the real business of governance: creating, sustaining and fulfilling the vision, values, mission and outcomes.

Board Policy: Governance as Stewardship Policy Manual

Board Minutes: September 28, 2017

Board Highlights: October 26, 2017

Board of Governors

Olds College is a board-governed public College operating under the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

Anita Heuver
Public Board Member

Donna Maxwell
Public Board Member

Gordon Cove
Public Board Member

Mark Kaun
Public Board Member

Meghan Dear
Public Board Member

Leona Staples
Chair, Public Board Member

Laurie Newsham
Olds College Faculty Association Representative

Bobby-Joe Borodey
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Representative

Laura McKinnon
Students Association of Olds College Representative

Stuart Cullum