Indigenous Olds College

Indigenous Strategy

Oki, Tannishi, Tawâw 

Olds College is situated on traditional Treaty Seven Territory, land of the Blackfoot Nations and Region Three of the Alberta Metis Nation. We recognize that Indigenous Peoples are the first peoples of our country and we honour and respect those roots. 

At Olds College, our goal is to foster an environment of mutual respect and trust among all learners. Indigenous students, along with members of faculty and staff at the College have expressed a desire to have spaces on campus that reflect the rich history and culture of Indigenous people. With respect to the recommendations put forth in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada report (2015), it is both our desire and responsibility to support our indigenous learners in an honest, respectful and welcoming manner as they pursue their studies at Olds College. We strive to learn from our indigenous students and their families, and to embrace opportunities to learn about indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing. In step with our Indigenous learners, we work to build credible and sustainable relationships with our indigenous communities.

Enhancing Student Experience

We aim to enhance Indigenous students’ experience at Olds College through nurturing an inclusive campus culture that values Indigenous peoples, perspectives, and ways of knowing into student housing facilities, into our curriculum where applicable, and by establishing cultural events, including elder visits. Student services, including counselling, peer tutoring, the Students’ Association of Olds College, and our student support and retention staff will all play a critical role in this regard.

We have developed institutional practices and spaces for Indigenous learners, have helped support faculty and staff  to develop greater understanding of Indigenous ways and assist them in incorporating this newly acquired knowledge into curriculum in meaningful and tangible ways. As we continue to strive to meet the goals we have set forth, we aim to build and strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities and become a college of choice for Indigenous students.

Indigenous Spaces at Olds College

Olds College has developed two new spaces within its existing facilities to not only enhance our indigenous students’ experience at Olds College but to also show respect and provide learning opportunities for our non-indigenous students. The Olds College Indigenous Centre gathering place opened in September 2017. All college students are invited to enjoy the space, unless it is being used for indigenous social gatherings, teaching and/or elder visits.

In the summer months a traditional Blackfoot tipi is erected. The tipi canvas and liners were designed and built by Glenn Runningrabbit of Siksika. Poles, pegs and pins were provided by Terry Littlechild from Ermineskin. We are grateful to our Cree and Blackfoot neighbors who support us to raise this tipi on campus.