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Presidential Search

The Search for Olds College’s 14th President

Message from Leona Staples

Leona Staples, Board ChairThe Board of Governors has begun the search for Olds College’s next President. Through the creation and execution of the Olds College Strategic Plan: Growing 2025, the College has achieved many successes, including: 

  • Generating $30+ million in applied research funding and increased annual applied research funding by over 300%.

  • 12% increase in enrolment including a doubling of international enrolment (compared to 2017-18)

  • Implementation of the College’s first Indigenous Relationship Building Strategy and Action Plan.  

  • Expanding the Olds College Smart Farm by doubling the College’s land base to 3,600 acres in two provinces. 

  • Two new agriculture technology credentials launched, and a new product development process established. 

  • $95 million in new revenue and investments with industry, government and the giving public. 

  • Implemented the Campus Master Plan and initiated over $35 million in new facility construction including the Smart Ag Innovation Centre, Animal Health Education Centre, Ag Tech Learning Hub, and Smart Farm Operations Centre (farm shop). 

  • Championed and supported the creation of the Olds College Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

The Board of Governors is seeking a new President who will continue to grow Olds College and achieve the objectives outlined in Growing 2025, along with fulfilling the College’s social purpose of “transforming agriculture for a better world” and the College Ends.   

To do this, we will be establishing a Presidential Search Advisory Committee made up of Board of Governor public members, and engaging in the RFP process to secure the services of an executive search company. For business continuity an external interim-president will be appointed this summer to support the executive leadership team.  

We will provide updates on the search process in the coming weeks to this webpage, including an in-depth position description and information on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee and campus engagement process. 

This is an exciting time for Olds College, as we look forward to opportunities that lie ahead and work to secure our 14th President.

Leona Staples
Chair, Olds College Board of Governors 
Chair, Presidential Search Advisory Committee 

Presidential Search Advisory Committee 

The Presidential Search Committee is made up of public board of governors members, including:  

  • Leona Staples, Committee Chair
  • Gordon Cove, Committee Vice Chair
  • Meghan Dear
  • Jennifer Wood
  • Paul McLauchlin

Olds College Board of Governors’ Ends

Olds College Board of Governors Ends (written policies) provide meaningful results that the College is trying to achieve.

E1: Learners have the relevant, transferable and diverse skills to achieve success and increase the number of qualified people to serve the global economy. 

  1. Learners are employment ready. 
  2. Learners have hands-on experience. 
  3. Learners are connected to industry. 
  4. Learners have an outstanding and enduring student experience. 
  5. Learners are equipped for life- long learning. 
  6. Learners acquire an entrepreneurial mindset. 
  7. Learners are prepared for next generation agriculture and related industries.

E2: New knowledge, products and technology are created, demonstrated and transferred to industry and learners.

  1. Smart Agriculture applied research solutions are created to address the challenges and opportunities in the value chain. 
  2. Agriculture industry has the skill sets needed to evolve at the pace of change. 
  3. Agriculture industry has the conditions necessary to adopt change.

E3: Alberta Leads in agriculture.

  1. The importance and holistic nature of the agriculture industry is recognized as being essential to the preservation and betterment of life. 
  2. Alberta is a region for agricultural innovation. 
    1. Alberta leads in Smart Agriculture technology.