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Beyond the classroom. Beyond expectations. Beyond tomorrow.

At Olds College we’ve been reaching beyond for over a century. Vision and innovation have always formed the foundation of our world-class applied education and research programs. That’s five generations of prairie pride, grit and ingenuity helping the backbone of Alberta remain strong and vital.

The Olds College multi-year, $40M campaign will support world-class facilities, programming and partnerships in our academic environment in pursuit of an enhanced student experience.

Our Initiatives

The Beyond campaign includes four major initiatives with a variety of infrastructure and programming elements designed to take the campus, faculty and students beyond tomorrow, beyond the classroom and beyond expectation.

Werklund Agriculture Institute

The Werklund Agriculture Institute (WAI) will be the hub for leadership, education and applied research in Smart Agriculture. The WAI will include: the Werklund Growth Centre, a Thought Leader in smart agriculture and sustainability, a Producer Mentor Program, and a Agriculture & Food Enterprise. Learn More


Transformation of the existing learning commons into The HUB, a centre of excellence for academic and technology support services. The Hub will encourage collaboration, transformative thought and personal growth for students. Learn More

Animal Health Education Centre

Animal Health Education Centre. Olds College will redefine Animal Health programming by establishing a world class learning environment that will provide state of the art facilities, year round training, industry integration and the implementation of a unique instructional model. Learn More

Community Wellness Campus

Reimagined Community Wellness Campus will create comprehensive mental health and wellness initiatives for our students. Mental health and wellness continues to be a growing focus on post-secondary campuses. Understanding and promoting positive mental health and providing easily accessible resources is an important factor in supporting the success of our students and the community. Learn More

Our Desire to Take Students Beyond

Today, government, business and citizens realize the need for a diverse economy, opportunities for growth in GDP, sustainable environmental practices, and post-secondary graduates with practical skills, technology savvy and entrepreneurial smarts that will lead us through an increasingly complex world to a prosperous and healthy future.

The next chapter in the Olds College legacy is also the next chapter in Alberta and Canada’s ongoing quest for sustainable growth, high living standards and global competitiveness. And it’s already unfolding. We need your help now to ensure the potential of our industry and of our province’s people, is entirely fulfilled.

Olds College consistently produces in-demand graduates with sound technical, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills. We’ve always partnered with leading-edge thinkers and field experts to give our students hands-on experiences and vast knowledge networks that serve them throughout their careers.

The students of today and tomorrow need even more new partnerships that allow integrated teams to collaborate in new living labs and quickly bring new commercial solutions to the global market. While that certainly means new buildings and programs, it really means transformation to an integrated system that is the recognized home, heart and hub of a united and evolving industry.

Olds College is that place.

And with your help, Olds College will be that host, uniquely qualified and positioned by virtue of historical achievement, education infrastructure, proven relationships and visionary leadership.

Arlene Dickinson

"Olds College has a long standing history of success in engaging industry, partners, students and the broader community to expand on their vision and mission. I am proud to participate in the Beyond Campaign which will, once again, enable further accessibility for students, provide much needed support to faculty, and engage industry and donors at a level never seen before."

Arlene Dickinson, CEO of District Ventures, Honourary Campaign Chair

Join us in going Beyond

Please join us in support of the Beyond campaign and help create a made-in-Alberta solution for regional economic diversification, innovation for global social impact, and access to high quality applied education and technology.

Why reach beyond proven success?

Because it’s in our DNA to lead, to dream, to make things better, and to solve problems. Today, and tomorrow, the world needs Olds College to go beyond the classroom, beyond our borders, and beyond expectation.