2015 Alumni Reunion


The Olds College Alumni Association (OCAA) exists to link alumni with the College and with each other, and to support the mission and activities of Olds College.

OCAA Board of Directors

OCAA Alumni Board represents the alumni constituency, providing advice, and determining policy. Board members are elected and serve without financial remuneration. The Alumni Board meets four times annually. If you are interested in being more involved with the OCAA or being a part of any sub-committees, contact the OCAA or the Alumni Office.

The Directors and Officers of the Association constituting the Board are:

President: Nikki Szakaly

Vice President: Everett Page

Past President: Vacant

Secretary: Marilynn Sander

Treasurer: Bill Diprose

Director: Ron Stables

Director: Marguerite Watson

Director: Merv Blair

Director: Marjorie Kehoe

Director: Keith Kinnear

Director: Vacant

Interested in learning more? Please contact the OCAA: 

Alumni Association - Alumni Museum

Phone: (403) 507-7952
Toll Free: 1-800-661-6537 ext 7952
Email: AlumniAssociation@oldscollege.ca 
Location: Learning Resource Centre, Room 721A

Olds College Alumni Association (OCAA)

OCAA is a volunteer, non-profit organization which works interdependently with Olds College Advancement, representing the alumni constituency, providing advice, as well as contributing to scholarships and bursaries for Olds College students.

OCAA Membership

Membership in the Olds College Alumni Association is open to all persons who have attended Olds College, as well as past and present College staff and faculty.

Alumni Archives & Museum

Alumni Corner (aka the Alumni Museum) maintains an impressive collection of archives and artifacts that ensure our rich century-long history is preserved by caring hands as a legacy for future generations. The collection is used by members of the college community for reference or displayed at events showcasing Olds College’s distinguished achievements.

Olds College Alumni Association Student Awards

The Olds College Alumni Association honours deserving alumni and supports current students as they work their way toward graduation. To add a nomination for the Hall of Fame or Hall of Merit, please fill out the Nomination Form


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  • Good Samaritan Award
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OCAA welcomes new President

Your Olds College Alumni Association (OCAA) is pleased to announce a new President, Ms. Mallory Norgard. Mallory will join the new Vice President, Nikki Szakaly who were both appointed by the board in March 2015 to these roles.

OCAA is excited to welcome these two new eager leaders who join our other new members, and our existing members, to move the Alumni Association forward!

Mallory (Land Agent) and Nikki (Land Reclamation and Remediation) were both graduates in 2013, and each were actively involved with campus groups during their time at Olds College. Currently, Mallory is working in oil and gas in Calgary and Nikki is working in Agriculture in central Alberta, and both are utilizing the education they pursued at Olds College.

Message from the President…

Fellow alumni,

I am excited about the opportunity to work with my fellow alumni and continue my Olds College experience! This is a great place and I am looking forward to working with our alumni and board and helping to re-energize the Alumni Association.

We would love to hear from you about your experience and how we can get you involved again at your College.

We are currently accepting nominations for the Alumni Hall of Fame Award and the Alumni Hall of Merit. Personally, I am excited to hear about the greatness some of our graduates have achieved since their time at Olds. If you know a deserving candidate please submit your nominations to us by April 15, 2015.

Now, I want to talk to you about our 2015 Alumni Reunion!

Class of ’66 It’s your 50th Anniversary!

The 2015 Alumni Reunion will be held Saturday July 23 and Sunday July 24, 2015 at the Student Alumni Centre. More information and registration is available online!

PLEASE NOTE: In the Spring issue of Horizons, there was an error in the alumni reunion registration form. The centre pages had last year’s information. The College apologizes for the error, but it has allowed me to contact you and invite you personally to this year’s event!

We want you to attend Reunion 2016! There will be something for everyone.

We are excited to welcome new and remember familiar faces at this year’s Reunion. I know I am personally excited to hear the stories and memories that still bring Olds College graduates together after all these years and I can’t wait to hear your input and ideas about the future of the Olds College Alumni.

Our honoured years will include 1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011; however, all alumni are invited and encouraged to attend! See the enclosed Alumni registration form to register.

During our Annual General Meeting on July 18 we will be doing a review of our current Bylaws, more information will be sent out after.

Our Board of Directors have volunteered countless hours and effort to bring this reunion together and we would love for you to join us!

I hope to see you in July! 

Best Regards,

Mallory Norgard
OC Alumni Assocation President