The Olds College multi-year, $40M campaign to secure Alberta’s continued leadership in sustainable, integrated, innovative agriculture education and business.

Olds College Beyond Campaign

Olds College’s $40 Million Campaign will support world-class facilities, programming and partnerships in our academic environment in pursuit of an enhanced student experience.

To secure the College’s position at the forefront of research and hands-on education in agriculture, horticulture and animal science, Olds College has launched a $40 million, four-year capital campaign called Beyond.

The Beyond campaign includes four major initiatives with a variety of infrastructure and programming elements designed to take the campus, faculty and students beyond tomorrow, beyond the classroom and beyond expectation:

  • Expanded Smart Agriculture education programming. As the world’s population continues to grow so does the demand for efficient, integrated agriculture solutions - meaning efficient process and resources that maximize the use of land for increased food production.

  • Enhanced Animal Health Education programming. One of our most sought after program areas, Olds College develops skilled, dedicated and passionate animal healthcare professionals who are meeting the demands of a growing Canadian industry.

  • Transformation of  the existing learning commons and library into The HUB, a centre of excellence for academic and technology support services. The Hub will encourage collaboration, transformative thought and personal growth for students.

  • Reimagined Community Wellness Campus with additional focus on mental health and wellness initiatives. Mental health and wellness continues to be a growing focus on post-secondary campuses. Understanding and promoting positive mental health and providing easily accessible resources is an important factor in supporting the success of our students and the community.  

Please join us in support of the Beyond campaign and help create a made-in-Alberta solution for regional economic diversification, innovation for global social impact, and access to high quality applied education and technology.

The campaign is designed to take the College, staff and students beyond tomorrow, beyond expectations and beyond the classroom. To get involved email or call 403.507.7913.

"Olds College has a long standing history of success in engaging industry, partners, students and the broader community to expand on their vision and mission. I am proud to participate in the Beyond Campaign which will, once again, enable further accessibility for students, provide much needed support to faculty, and engage industry and donors at a level never seen before."

- Arlene Dickinson, CEO of District Ventures

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