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with Sherry Quintilio

The workshop is two days + one evening in length, and utilizes both theory-based knowledge training and hands-on massage for your horse. This course will give horse owners the ability to:

  • Better Understand what the body language of your horse is telling you about their comfort level
  • Recognize muscle soreness or dysfunction
  • Provide comfort for sore/stiff muscles and related soft tissue stress
  • Improve the ability of your horse to return to work sooner after injury or exertion
  • Recognize when it is time to contact your equine health professional
Some prior knowledge of equine anatomy will assist learners to gain the maximum knowledge & benefit from this course, however it is not required.

Course Details

Course Dates/Times

June 1 - 3, 2018

Course runs Fri: 7-10pm  Sat/Sun: 9am - 4:30pm

Delivery Method 

On Campus - Hands-on

Course length 

2 days + 1 evening




None - however it is recommended that if possible prior to attending, students acquire some understanding of basic equine anatomy


Olds College Campus  - Mclellan Arena


$299 + GST (includes 2 nights of stabling)

Other fees

n/a - Stabling is included in tuition

Required Text & Materials 

  • You must provide your own horse - see Horse Requirements below
  • A stool that allows you to comfortably stand waist above your horse with your shoulders and arms relaxed

Registration Deadline

Registrations are accepted as long as seats are available, however it is recommended that you register early as this class is limited to a small number of students to ensure your safety and an optimal learning experience

Other details

Appropriate footwear (no running shoes) & clothing suitable for working with horses and variable weather

  • Stabling is included in the cost of the course
  • Stalls are located in the McClellan Arena Complex
  • Stalls are bedded with shavings, and shavings will be supplied for topping up
  • Your horse must be calm, well-broke and tie.
  • No stallions are allowed on campus
  • Please ensure the health of your horse (& up to date vaccinations) before bringing your horse on campus - One week prior to arrival, please ensure that you have submitted the required Biosecurity Agreement 

Continuing Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stabling facilities like for this course?
The massage courses are held in the McLellan arena on campus. This is a state of the art equine facility with a large indoor arena and indoor box stalls as well as outdoor turn-out pens. So the horses are kept separated except when they are taken to a common area, but at that time they are being handled by owners .

Are there health risks to bringing unfamiliar horses together for the course?
Although there are inherent risks in travelling with your equine to any new location that houses other horses, we have not found any issues with these short courses bringing the horses into the same areas. We also have bio security agreement forms that everyone must sign and adhere to in order to bring their horse on campus, so this diminishes any potential health risks.

Do I receive a certificate for completing this course ?
The massage courses are workshop style with no testing component, so you will receive a Certificate of Participation to show that you have taken the course. You will NOT receive certification as might be issued by a certifying industry body as this is a weekend course designed to provide you with the information and skills that you require in order to work on your own horse.


"The course was very informative, easy to follow, and instructor was fabulous. The school is beautiful and makes for a very fun course!" ~ Brooke Wood (Spring, 2015)

For More Information:

Continuing Education Department

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