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The Olds College Opportunities Fund enables Olds College to pursue educational priorities and unanticipated opportunities for students and faculty, awards and research, and campus enhancement which funding would not otherwise be available.

With your support, Olds College can have the ability to respond quickly and effectively to opportunities that support our vision to be the premier Canadian integrated learning and applied research community specializing in agriculture, horticulture, land and environmental management.

The Opportunities Fund in Action...

Outdated Equipment Replaced Thanks to Opportunities Fund

(Horizons Magazine, Nov. 2010)

Olds College’s Meat processing program has a new sausage stuffer, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends who support the Olds College Opportunities Fund.

The new Handtmann stuffer allows operator’s to monitor and control functions using a computer and servotechnology for precise portioning, has a split hopper for simple and quick cleaning and easy filling of small batches, as well as the capacity to process a wide range of products.

“The previous piston stuffer, which had been in use for many years, was an old technology that limited training to only basic sausage stuffing techniques that limited educational opportunities,” says Brad McLeod, Coordinator of Olds College’s Meat Processing Program.

“This new stuffer will help Olds College train students on new technology, develop new products, and better prepare graduates for careers in today’s modern meat processing industry.” In addition, spare parts for the old workhorse had been increasingly difficult to find, and this fall it became clear that this essential component of the meat processing program was no longer serviceable and needed to be replaced.

With students set to arrive in a few short days, having a replacement ready to go in time for classes was critical. Thankfully, the Olds College Opportunities Fund was able to provide the money needed to purchase the program’s new state-of-art Handtmann sausage stuffing machine.

New Tractor Thanks to Olds College Opportunities Fund

(Horizons Magazine, Jun. 2011)

Olds College’s 2000 acre-plus farm is now poised for lower operating costs and more timely crop seeding with increased yields and higher quality grades, thanks to a new tractor purchased though the Olds College Opportunities Fund.

Farm Supervisor Trevor Hamilton says that without the purchase, the College would have been unable to capitalize on a unique opportunity that presented itself. “We were approached by Morris Industries who wanted to donate the use of an air drill for seeding operations on the farm,” says Hamilton. “In order to utilize the air drill we required a tractor that was larger than what we currently have.”

With seeding time right around the corner, the College needed to move quickly and Hamilton was able to procure a 1998 John Deere 9200 four-wheel drive tractor. Besides bringing enhanced savings, the ability to pull new larger implements and less need for custom operators, the tractor will be available for a variety of uses including tillage operations as well as packing silage and plowing snow. Without its purchase, the College’s farm would have had to look at using other capital funding – taking away from other needs of the department – or would have had to use operating dollars to rent a tractor.

“Having our own equipment also allows us to do more infield demonstrations that would normally be too time consuming for custom operators,” says
Hamilton. “This information can then be taken in to the classroom.”

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