Collaboration has been crucial to the success of Olds College. You can see the evidence of our partnerships in our buildings and infrastructure, in the development of our cutting-edge programming and curriculum, and in the success of our students.

Olds College has over 500 partnerships, some smaller in scale , others much larger – such as those seen with our past Partner of the Year winners, including the 2016 Partner of the Year, Ben Meyer of Shunda Construction and Consulting Management and College Housing (Olds) Co. Every one of these partnerships, regardless of size or scale, contributes to the success of Olds College, and in turn, Olds College students. It is thanks to the relationships developed with industry and government partners, individual donors, student award providers, alumni, staff and current students, and all other partners that our students are able to graduate and go beyond our campus, our region, even our province or our country, prepared to enter the work force and become leaders in their industries.

We thank all of our partners for their vision and commitment to Olds College, and look forward to cultivating new friendships in the future.


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