Olds College Donor Profiles

Olds College is grateful for the  donors that work to continually enhance the College. From small donations to multi-million dollar investments our donors help us continue to be the leading center of specialization in agriculture, horticulture and land-based education and applied research at the college level.

Henry Heuver

Henry's portrait hangs in the foyer of the Land Sciences building at the College, and for good reason. In 2003, when the college initiated a partnership award in honour of major contributors, Henry was the first recipient. His dedication to the advancement of horticultural education and research is highlighted further by his major, personal contributions to the college's research wetland project - designed to study the use of natural wetland systems to filter industrial and residential water without expensive chemical treatment plants

Dennis Westhoff

Dr. Dennis Westhoff is the foremost wetland expert in the world, he was instrumental in the creation of the treatment wetlands at the College. He received honorary degree for his dedication to Olds College in 2011. 


Jack Anderson

In February 2012, J.C. (Jack) Anderson surprised the College when he announced he was donating 100 vintage cars to the College to celebrate the College's 100th Anniversary. J.C. (Jack) had previously donated $1 Million to the College and was impressed with how wisely the money was spent, and in turn donated his Vintage automobile collection. Not only did this collection give the College National and International attention and was auctioned off June 23, 2013, raising $1.2 Million for Olds College

Roy and Erma Wilson

Roy and Erma Wilson, Class of 1951 are both very involved in the College. Roy served as Chair of the former Olds College Foundation, and has the distinction of being, with his wife, the largest cumulative alumni donor, recently topping $300,000 with a gift to be split between the Centennial Entrepreneurial Legacy Fund and student awards. Roy and Erma were awarded honorary degrees in 2013.

John Wasmuth

John is a true philanthropist in every sense of the word. John's frugal lifestyle gives him the ability to save $1000 from his pension every month so that he can donate it to the College for an endowed award. It's important for John to know the students, and the young people of the community will be taken care of when he's gone. To date john has created 12 endowed awards. 

TD Meloche Monnex

TD Meloche Monnex has been working with the College for the past 5 years as an Affinity partner. This partnership exposes TD Meloche Monnex to our engaged students, staff, and Alumni, and provides Olds College with valuable funds.