Emergency Fund


Approximately 30 percent of Olds College students fund their education through a government student loan. Unless they have family, or a part-time job to support their academics, budgeting can be tricky.

Should an unexpected financial emergency happen, students may be faced with a difficult decision, the toughest being that they may not be able to stay in school.

Olds College recognized this when they created the Frank Grisdale Emergency Loan. This loan helps students who are having difficulty meeting essential living expenses, and sets them up with a re-payment option. The goal is to alleviate immediate financial pressures.  It has proved successful and has helped hundreds of students during times of financial difficulty.

“Sometimes students encounter circumstances out of their control. Examples include a sudden death or illness in the family, medical impediments, unfavourable living conditions and other emergency situations. Students may need to take an unexpected flight home, find an immediate alternate living situation, pay for food or a winter jacket,” adding, “that’s why we’re here to help.”
Sharon Notley, Olds College Alumni