Scholarships & Bursaries

Invest in the Future: Support Olds College Students

Olds College offers more than $500,000 in awards each year to students who have proven academic excellence, financial need and/or dedication to their Olds College education. Scholarships, bursaries and prizes help students fund their education by paying for tuition, books, accommodations or other related expenses.

Scholarships Needed

Student Athletes - Olds College has recently become a member of the ACAC. This is an exciting opportunity for the College to continue to develop and attract a myriad of students. However, to bring in great athletes and compete with other colleges we need to offer scholarships to student athletes.

Our Investors


Our Alumni know the value of an Olds College education and are strong supporters of our students. Alumni continue to help the College raise funds for awards each year through annual donations or major contributions.

Friends of Olds College

Sometimes our contributors are neither alumni nor industry-they're simply people who wish to further the educational opportunities of our students. Individual scholarship donors might include:

  • Local Residents
  • Relatives of Alumni
  • Community Leaders
  • Non-profit organizations


Industry supporters of Olds College contribute more than 80% of the annual donations to the awards fund. Because quality Olds College graduates raise the bar in the industries we serve, our industry supporters recognize that supporting the College is a solid, quantifiable investment in the future. Our strongest industry supporters include: