Beer is as synonymous with Canada as hockey is, and about as profitable too. Beer that is brewed in Canada counts for 1.2% of Canada’s GDP, employing 190,000 direct and indirect jobs and adding $4.3 billion in tax revenue

Funding Priorities

Olds College Teaching Brewery - Wilson Hall

Olds College opened the first teaching brewery in Western Canada in September 2013. The interest in production and diversification of the Canadian brewing industry has prompted Western Canada to look at Craft Brewing as a viable, profitable, and expanding business.  This interest has created a demand for highly skilled industry labor. The development of the Brewmaster Program will fill the demand. 

The outcomes of the program will not only provide skilled labor, it will also enhance value-added agriculture in Alberta and Western Canada, increase diversity in agriculture processors and producers, encourage the development and expansion of local breweries and increase brewing exports. This program will help with the continuous effort to diversify Western Canada’s economy and will add to the tax base.

Fundraising goal - $500,000

Connect Your Passion


At Olds College, our goal is to provide our students with an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude that will serve them well, whether they go on to be an employee or start their own business. When we refer to entrepreneurship, we mean it in the broadest sense: the ability to see an opportunity and pull together the resources and people needed to make it happen. Beginning in September 2013, all new students who intend to graduate with a certificate (longer than 16 weeks), a diploma, or applied degree will complete Spirit of Entrepreneurship – a gamified entrepreneurship iPad app – as part of a graduation requirement.

The gamified entrepreneurship course app starts out simply: students buy and sell lemonade stand inventory to the citizens of The Blands. Mini-games and awards encourage students to move through 12 modules of comprehensive content. As they progress through the content, more activities are unlocked in the game. As students become more skilled, they are able to run their stands more effectively and, hopefully, more profitably. Students are required to assess their business environment, make financial decisions, and apply marketing strategies within the game itself. They are also able to interact with each other, review slide notes and even ask an instructor a question, in real-time, right from the app.

Fundraising Goal - $700,000

Meat Lab

Olds College houses the only meat processing training program in North America operating in a meat inspection and teaching environment, however after 10 years it time to refurbishing the meat training facility. The new equipment and realignment of current facilities will create the capacity to add additional programming that would address the training needs required by industry. The new equipment will give students hands-on experience with laboratory testing and value-added processing. The additions include a tumbler with a cryogenic system, a mixer grinder, a dryer chamber, a smokehouse with refrigeration, and much more. The ability to provide additional training in quality assurance and value-added processing closely aligns with the meat industry’s strategic goals of growing Alberta’s reputation and capacity as a producer of high quality, value-added products.

Fundraising Goal - $500,000