Why Olds College

With a century of experience behind us Olds College continues to break the mold of education and create a premiere hands on learning environment 

100 Years of Excellence

"In the course of the last century we have seen and achieved much, all while evolving to meet the needs of out learners, out province, and the greater nation as a whole" Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson, President, Olds College


Over the past century, Olds College has contributed to successful careers for many generations of learners.
With pride, Olds College can link the values that underpinned the first course offerings of the Olds School of Agriculture and Home Economics in 1913 to those reflected in courses offered today. The innovation and entrepreneurial vision of the past is the foundation of the new rural college of the future.

The College will enter its second century with the establishment of a number of new learning initiatives which will expand the College’s influence across the province. We have thrived for 100 years in a very unique niche of great importance to Alberta’s educational and economic landscape. Our 100 year Centennial presents a wonderful opportunity for the College to cherish its heritage.


Responsive to Industries Needs

Time and time again Olds College has partnered with industry to create Continuing Education programs that are need. The programs that have been developed in a partnership with Industry and the College are cutting edge and create win-win opportunities. By creating active industry advisory committees curriculum is always relevant and current, and with Olds College being small and nimble issues that arise can be dealt with quickly.