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Welcome New Staff!

Welcome to Olds College Learning Commons and Library! Find out more about the department and stop by the front desk in the Learning Resource Centre to say "Hello"!

Some of the items we can help you with are:

How to Login on College Computers - Staff
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock the computer
  2. Type your username - this will be your firstInitialLastName, John Doe: jdoe
  3. Type your password. This will be provided by IT Services.
  4. Click the arrow button to log in to the Olds College "WIN" domain

How To Login To Olds College Gmail

Gmail is the official email of Olds College and every staff member and student has an Olds College email account. Gmail is available from wherever you are and from any device.

Staff/faculty email addresses are in this format: first initial + last name + (

Student email addresses are in this format: first name + . + last name + (

Student initial password is set as PWmmddyy where mmddyy is your birthdate (i.e. if you were born on February 14, 1988 then your password would  be PW021488).

How to Access Gmail

  • Open your Internet browser
  • Go to the Olds College home page and click on the "Mail" link (envelope) or access through your browser at
  • Type your username - it's your Olds College email address.
  • Type your password - it's the same as the password you use for the Olds College network (computer login)
  • Click "Sign In"

Note: To log in to your Gmail account for the first time, you need to have changed your password. To do this, follow the instructions below - "Change Network/Email Password - if you know current Password (" or "Setting Up Olds College Network/Email Profile ("

Change Network/Email Password - if you know current Password (

Go to:

Click on Change My Password

Change Password

Enter in current active Olds College username:

  • Staff: firstInitialLastName: jdoe
  • Student: Student ID including all 0’s: 00001234.

Enter in current password for account


Choose either Generate Password or Enter a new password (minimum 8 characters). The strength of the password is displayed below. Choose either Generate Password or Enter a new password (minimum 8 characters).


Press Submit button to change your password.

If the passwords do not match, the following popup window will appear:

No Match

If the passwords are less than 8 characters, the following popup window will appear:

Password wrong length

If your password has been successfully changed, the following popup window will appear: 

Password Changed


Setting Up Olds College Network/Email Profile (

Access Olds College Computer/E-Mail Password Management System and Edit my Profile.

My Password


First Time Use - Creating Question & Answer Profile

Note: You will be asked to create your password reset profile upon logging into an Olds College computer or off campus by using the Edit my Profile within the myPassword website.


Edit Profile

Click on Edit my Profile and the question & answer page below will show. Note: You will be asked for your current active Olds College user name and password. Click the Logon button.

Profile Questions

Select and answer all 3 questions on the page then click the Submit button. If all answers meet the minimum requirements, the following message box will appear.


Click the OK button.


Now that your Profile has been set up with your Security Questions & Answers you will now be redirected to the main page.


How to Add Email to iOS/Android

For iOS device:

  • Go to settings (gears) and scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Add account. Select Exchange.
  • Enter your Email address and password. i.e.
  • Enter description. i.e. from 'Exchange' to 'Olds College Email' (or copy your email address)
  • Click Next. It will be verifying.
  • It will show more:
  • Enter Server:
  • Enter Username: (has to be full email address)
  • Click next. Done!



For Android users:

  • Go to Apps and select the Email app
  • Press menu (3 horizontal bars), select Manage Accounts then the + sign icon at the top of the screen. 
  • Enter full email address: and password
  • Select Manual Set Up (Next)
  • Select Microsoft Exchange when prompted for “What type of account is this?” 
  • For Domain/Username, enter full email address again: (On some devices, the Domain/Username may be pre-populated incorrectly and should be erased.)
  • For Exchange Server name. Enter:
  • Make sure box Use secure connection (SSL) is checked
  • Select Next
  • Select desired account options for inbox checking frequency, number of days to synchronize, send email by default, notifications and contacts/calendar sync. Select Next
  • Depending on device you may be prompted for account colour and account name
  • Select Activate and your email is set-up and ready to go! 



There are benefits for setting your email up through Exchange:

  • you get push notifications - email is sent to you as it happens, not when it checks for emails periodically, and
  • allows us to wipe the phone should it get lost or stolen. This is important to us, so that we can protect our Olds College email accounts (yours) from abuse.


How To Create An Email Signature

You do not have to type your signature in each email you create. You can have it added automatically. 

Signatures in Gmail

  • In Google mail click on the down arrow beside the cog wheel icon and select settings:
  • Stay in the General tab, scroll down to the signature section
  • Add your signature to the Signature box
  • Once complete scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Save Changes"


Olds College Staff Email Signature

Your email signature is a key element in reinforcing the Olds College brand. It should follow your email messages to identify your role at Olds College. It helps in an email discussion to identify your connection to the subject matter being discussed in any email thread. Your emails should not contain any other tag lines, quotes, or wording, other than the email message followed by your signature and any attachments

For more information see the Olds College Email Signature Guidelines.

Google Apps Sync for Outlook

What is Google Apps Sync?

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is a plug-in developed by Google that lets you use Outlook to manage your Google Apps. Put simply, this means you can manage your Olds College Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, notes, and tasks using Microsoft Outlook. The Sync tool will run unobtrusively in the background and take care of all the "behind-the-scenes" technical stuff that has to happen to make that possible.    

When you should use it

The Google Apps Sync tool is not for everyone, and is not designed to be an indefinite solution. It's geared toward people who have made the switch from a system like Exchange to Google (that's us!), and want to have some familiar Outlook features available as they get used to the Gmail web interface at their own pace. Even so, there are no actual time restrictions built in so you are able to use it as long as you like, but if you choose to do so, please be aware of the limitations (some of which are listed below.)

Why you should use it

As stated above, please try to avoid using this as an indefinite solution. Gmail was designed for the web. If you have problems with Gmail or don't feel confident using it, call the Helpdesk so we can arrange a meeting to get you more comfortable. We realize, though, that for some people their day to day productivity just depends on Outlook, and rather than configuring Outlook, using the Google Sync tool makes it easy.

Setup Google Apps Sync

Under your Start Menu - All Programs - Google App Sync, select “Set up a Google Apps Sync user”


Note: If the above doesn't show; then you need to install Google Apps Sync manually - Open My Computer, navigate to V:, then to Apps, then to Google Outlook Sync. Then double click the Install Google Outlook Sync. Wait about a minute and then look under the Start Menu, All Programs. The folder and applications should now be installed.


Enter your Olds College email address and click Continue.




The following window will appear and your web browser will open.



Scroll to the bottom of the web page and click the Accept button

Google App Sync Accept


You should receive a success message:

Google Apps Sync Success

You can now close the web browser and the following window will now appear:

Click Create profile.

Google Apps Sync Profile

Once it finishes, you'll be shown the message below. Simply press Start Microsoft Outlook to open Outlook. At this point, installation of the Sync tool is complete. In the future, you just need to open Outlook... no need to run the Sync tool again. 


Google Apps Sync Start Outlook

 After clicking Start Microsoft Office, Outlook will open and ask you which account you'd like to open. Chose the one ending in "Google Apps." (If you click the Options>> button, you do have the choice of making this the default.)

 Google Apps Sync Profile Choice

When Outlook opens, you will see your messages and content begin to populate. Outlook is building a local cache of your mailbox, and you will see the following screen as it does so. You can safely use Outlook at this time, simply click Close on the status window to hide it.

Google Apps Sync Status

A notice about the local cache

If you're already familiar with Outlook, you may have heard of the phrase "cached mode." This refers to Outlook building a local copy of your mailbox. Because configuring Outlook using this method does not provide a real-time interface with Gmail, the only mail you'll be able to interact with from within Outlook is mail that has been "cached." The Sync tool will allow you to specify how much of your mailbox you want to store in the "cache," with the most recent content cached first. You can change this setting by right-clicking the Sync icon in your system tray, as seen below. Any mail that does not get synced because it's beyond the local size capacity has to be viewed using the Gmail web interface.

Google Apps Sync Cache

We recommend you leave the default setting 1GB (fastest) selected, however you may choose to have more of your content cached by upping this limit. Be aware that doing so may significantly degrade performance, and if you choose Unlimited and your mailbox itself grows to over 20GB in size, Outlook will most likely corrupt itself and crash.

Adding someone else's mailbox to your own (delegation)

If someone has granted you rights to their Calendar, you will automatically see it when you open Outlook. However, if someone has added you as a delegate to their entire mailbox, an additional step is required to make their mailbox viewable to you. Simply click the Windows start menu, browse to and run the Add account for delegationwizard.

Googel Apps Sync Delegation

Caveats and warnings

While the Google Apps Sync tool is a great resource we have available, it should not be seen as a replacement for Gmail. By installing and using this tool, you're merely accessing your Gmail account using Outlook. What this means is that if you're looking to get "the old way" back, you may be disappointed. A lot of what made "the old way" unique came from the Exchange service, not Outlook itself. For example, the following functionality came from the Exchange service, not Outlook, and using this tool will not restore the functionality of:

  • Delivery receipts

  • Sharing of mail folders

  • Recovery of deleted messages

  • Message recall

  • Sending messages in Rich Text format (HTML is the default)

  • Importance flags and reminders

  • Choosing to not send updates to meetings when they are changed (updates will automatically send)

  • Calendar attachments

  • Managing the sharing or delegation of calendars or contacts

The above list is not exhaustive; it's just a sampling of the more common functions that won't come over. In addition, you will not be able to administer your account from within Outlook. Doing things like setting a delegate or sharing a calendar must be done from within the web interface.


More information

Please visit Google's informational website about the tool to learn more about it.

Lastly, this tool is developed strictly for use with Microsoft Office on a Windows machine. Google does not offer a similar solution for other systems or configurations, however you can use other third-party email clients with your Gmail account by using Google's POP/IMAP configuration settings. Further, keep in mind that this method will only sync your email.

How to Install a Printer on Olds Campus

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer (it will not work with any other browser) and go to this address:

Step 2

A page with a printer list will appear.  Browse the list until you find the printer you need.

  • Each Building is represented by 2 or 3 letters (ELC for E-Learning Center, CF for Campus Facility)
  • Following the building is generally the place in the building where the printer is.
  • The location column will let you know the Room number (when applicable) to find the printer.

Step 3

Click on the printer you wish to install and another page will appear.  On that page you have to click on connect, as shown below. Click yes to the pop-up that will follow.  Wait until the progress bar is done. The printer will be installed and ready to use.

Printer Install Step 3

Step 4 

Once installed, the printer will not be automatically the default printer. If you need it to be the default printer, click on the link that will appear once the installation is completed.  Find your printer in the list (installed on OLPSRV3), right click it and set it as default.


Printer Install Step 4
How to Install a Printer on Calgary Campus
Click on the Windows Start Button 
Click Devices and Printers 
Click Add Printer 

Click Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer 

Click The printer that I want isn't listed 

Click Select a shared printer by name and type   \\calpsrv1\ and select the printer from the list

Click Next and Windows Printer Installation connects to printer

Another Window Opens -  "You've successfully added...." click next, and finish. It automatically sets as the default printer.
Successfully Added Printer on calpsrv1
Share Drive Access Request

Staff and Faculty share files in various folders on the S: drive on the network. Each folder has special permissions setup to grant access to the files in the folder. These folder accesses are setup by IT and are monitored by the Auditor General on a regular basis. As such, there is a procedure that is to be followed when requesting access to a folder on the S drive:

  1. The user must request access to a folder on the S drive by the name of the folder by sending an email to
  2. IT will confirm "ownership" of the folder and forward the request to this person, asking permission for the access.
  3. The "owner" of the folder must reply in an email allowing the access.
  4. The user is then added to the security group that has access to the folder and the user is notified.

NOTE: The user will have to log off and back on for the change to take effect.

Setting Up Your Voicemail

Log On

In order to access your voicemail, you will need to log into your mailbox.  Your supervisor should give you your initial voicemail password, if you do not know this please send an email to

    A. Lift Receiver

    B. Dial the Call Pilot extension (4699) or press your "Message" key

    C. When prompted 
        - Enter your mailbox number (extension) followed by # 
        - Enter password followed by #

Please note: The first time you log into your voicemail, you will be prompted to change your password – just follow the prompts

Record or Change Voicemail Greeting

There are 3 types of personal greetings: internal, external, and temporary. Your external greeting is used for caller’s outside of Olds College telephone system. Your internal greeting is for caller's within the Olds College telephone system.

The temporary greeting is used when you are away from the office for any extended period of time in place of your other greetings. You can enter an expiry date and time for the greeting to expire. When the greeting expires, your regular greeting will be played.

To change your voicemail message you need to Log On to your Voicemail and follow the instructions listed below for the greeting you wish to change:

To record External Greeting 

  • press 82 + 1 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to record greeting
  • press # when finished
  • press 2 to replay greeting 
  • press 76 to delete greeting 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to re-record 
  • press 83 to log off

To record Internal Greeting 

  • press 82 + 2 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to record greeting
  • press # when finished
  • press 2 to replay greeting 
  • press 76 to delete greeting 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to re-record 
  • press 83 to log off

To record Temporary Greeting 

  • press 82 + 3 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to record greeting
  • press # when finished
  • press 2 to replay greeting 
  • to set dates the expiry date for your Temporary greeting, press 9 and follow the voice prompts. 
  • press 76 to delete greeting 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to re-record 
  • press 83 to log off
Playing Voicemail Messages

To listen to any voicemail messages that have been left for you press the following: 

  • 2 to play message 
  • During playback
    • # pause during playback 
    • 2 to continue 
    •  1 to skip backward 5 seconds 
    •  3 to go forward 5 seconds 
    •  4 to skip backward one whole message 
    •  6 to skip forward a whole message 
  •   76 to delete message/restore 
  •   72 to play envelope (more information) 
  •   86 go to specific message
Call Forwarding

Forwarding Your Phone

To forward your phone you need to do the following while the phone is not in use.

  1. Press FWD button (First button on left under the phone display)
  2. Enter the phone number (for an external phone, you will need to put a 9 in front of the phone number)
  3. Press FWD again.

If successful you will see "CFWD" on your phone display.

Cancelling Call Forwarding

Press the FWD button

If successful you will see the message "Call forward cancelled".

Update your information in rDirectory

rDirectory is an online phone book and account information update tool.

You can access rDirectory on any computer by going to the website:

To log in to rDirectory, you use the same username and password you log on to the computer with (e.g. John Doe's user name is jdoe).

Further information on how to edit your information in rDirectory can be found in the following document: rDirectory Staff Documentation