Smart Farm Applied Research Projects

Ongoing Projects
  • Animal Identification using Artificial Intelligence

    Animal Identification using Artificial Intelligence

    Using artificial intelligence for individual animal identification is a novel concept that Olds College is exploring with an industrial client. If successful, producers will be able to identify animals within their herds using images or videos collected from the ground or air, which could have applications to automated illness detection or animal traceability.

    Funder: Industry.

  • Connectivity


    An interconnected Smart Farm calls for an effectively established network. In partnership with TELUS, ICT International, RealmFive and Tektelic, Olds College is implementing and comparing networks from multiple providers to evaluate their capabilities with the wide array of technologies used on the Smart Farm.

    Partner: Tektelic, ICT International, Telus
    Funder: Telus, Western Economic Diversification

  • CropScan 3300H Grain Analyzer

    CropScan Grain Analyzer

    The Crop Scan 3300H Grain Analyzer is an agricultural digital technology that is installed on the college’s combine, and is capable of measuring protein and moisture content of harvested grain, oil seeds, and pulse crops in near-real time. Olds College is working closely with Farmers Edge to evaluate the technology, which could lead to producers being able to map geospatial crop information and improve field management. 

    Partner: Farmers Edge

    Funder: Vantage Canada, Western Economic Diversification, Canada Foundation for Innovation, and NSERC, Olds College, Farmers Edge

    Project Type: Evaluation

  • DOT Autonomous Platform

    DOT Autonomous

    The DOT power platform represents a significant first-step towards autonomous agricultural operations. In partnership with Pattison Liquid Systems and Carlson Agricultural Enterprises, Olds College is conducting future-focused research on the economic, financial, and labour benefits of autonomous equipment for broadacre production.

    Funders and partners: Western Economic Diversification, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, DOT Technology Corp., Raven Industries Inc., Pattison Liquid Systems, Carlson Agriculture Enterprises. 

  • Grazing Management Project

    Cattle Grazing in a Field

    The grazing management project was established to evaluate and demonstrate the use of various remote grazing management technologies. Olds College is working evaluating the functionality and value of several technologies to help producers understand how these technologies can help increase the efficiency of their intensive grazing systems. The project is also comparing intensive and conventional grazing systems, side-by-side, to quantify the differences on animal, forage, and soil health.

    Partner: Allflex
    Funder: Alberta Innovates, Western Economic Diversification, with in-kind contribution from Union Forage

  • Growsafe


    Growsafe is currently developing an in-pasture weighing system prototype  that will provide producers with the ability to monitor their cattle’s weight on a daily basis without the need to handle animals. Olds College is working with Growsafe to validate the technology and measure its effectiveness at weighing cattle, monitoring cattle growth, and taking daily inventory of herds.

    Partner and Funder: Growsafe

  • Heifer Development Program

    Heifer Development

    In Partnership with Neilson Signature Beef, Olds College is seeking to optimize the best practices used in heifer development programs. The project includes measuring the stress levels of heifers acclimated to different levels of human interaction prior to breeding in order to assess the impact on conception rates.

    Partners: Nielson Signature Beef
    Funders: NSERC

  • Hyperlayer Data Concept

    Hyperlayer Data Concept

    The hyperlayer data concept is a process that allows the Olds College Smart Farm to compile, analyse, and use virtually every type of agricultural data. It centers around compiling topographical data, hyperspectral imagery, moisture mapping, yield data, and other information to assist in machine learning for easy analysis and data extraction.

    Funder: Internally Funded 

  • In-Bin Drying Monitors

    In-Bin Drying Monitors

    The In-Bin Drying Monitor is a technology developed by Top Grade Agriculture that uses a proprietary algorithm with pressure, temperature and humidity sensors to optimize grain drying procedures. This technology, which is being evaluated by Olds College, could improve the cost efficiency of drying grain using in bin drying strategies as an alternative to specialized grain drying equipment requiring a high initial capital investment.

    Partner: Top Grade Agriculture
    Funder: NSERC WED and CFI/RCP, Top Grade Ag and Olds College
    Project Type: Evaluation

  • Multi-Sensor Cluster

    Multi-Cluster Sensors | Smart Farm

    Imagine knowing the exact state of the soil, moisture in the air, and current weather conditions across multiple fields from one place, at the same time. Smart Farm’s Multi-Sensor Cluster project aims to achieve that goal as it tests the accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of various sensors so producers can make an informed decision about using these systems on their land.

    Partners: ITC International, Realm 5, Pessl/METOS, Arable Labs
    Funders: Western Economic Diversification, Alberta Innovates

  • Regenerative Agriculture Project

    Regenerative Agriculture

    Overgrazing is a constant variable when managing cattle, but what if it could be cut out of the equation entirely? With the Regenerative Agriculture project, Olds College is improving a field's ability to regenerate crops through the use of different crop cocktail blends that simultaneously improve soil health and provide the rich nutrients that cattle need.

    Funder: internal funding with in-kind support from Union Forage.

  • Soil Nutrient Sensor (Teralytic)

    Soil Nutrients

    Soil nutrient content is a critical parameter that drives many management decisions. Historically, measuring soil nutrient content requires sampling and lab analysis. One alternative is an in-field, real-time soil nutrient sensor from Teralytic. Olds College is assessing the functionality, maintenance requirements, and accuracy of the Teralytic sensors on commercial farm land.

    Funder: Alberta Innovates.

  • Telus Ag - Arable Microclimate Sensor

    Arable Microclimate Sensors

    Having a microclimate sensor in the field means knowing the levels of precipitation, temperature, wind, and weather patterns for your farm, accessible from your mobile device. Olds College is working with TELUS Ag to evaluate Arable Labs Microclimate Sensor’s connectivity, accuracy, dependability, interoperability, user interface, and customer service.

    Funder: TELUS

  • Telus Ag - Hummingbird

    Hummingbird AI

    Hummingbird is an Artificial Intelligence business that gathers satellite imagery to define variable rate prescription maps. In partnership with TELUS Ag, Olds College is evaluating the process of creating these prescription maps and the functionality of the platform. Olds College also looked at the realized savings in chemical use as a result of using the prescription for fungicide application.

    Funder: TELUS

  • WEEDit


    WEEDit is a spot sprayer designed to help producers reduce herbicide use and costs of herbicide treatments on their farms. Olds College is working to evaluate the efficiency and useability of WEEDit for just that purpose, and provide producers with the information to make an informed decision about integrating this technology into their farms.

    Partners: WEEDit
    Funders: Alberta Innovates, Western Grains REsearch Foundation, Sask Wheat, Western Economic Diversification 

Completed Projects
  • Corn Grazing

    Corn Grazing

    On the farm, efficiency can be the difference between a productive or a costly season. Using smart technologies in partnership with the UFA, Olds College conducted periodic research into the yield and feed value of different corn varieties to give producers the best chance at lowering feed costs and increasing crop yield.

    Funder: internal funding, with in-kind support from UFA.

  • Decision Support Platform Comparison

    Decision Support Platform

    Data management software is a useful tool when managing on-farm data to make critical management decisions, but the wide selection of systems makes it difficult to know which program would be best suited for a specific application. Olds College uses all platforms, using the same farm data, to provide a full comparison of the costs, performance, features and security that each system offers.

    Funder: internal funding.

  • Field to Glass: Barley Trail

    Barley Trail - Field to Glass

    The creation of a brew has an intricate, detailed process that isn’t often seen by the people who drink it. Through our partnerships with Decisive Farming and Grain Discovery, Olds College Brewery has crafted Barley Trail, a fully transparent beer with a scannable QR code that allows the customer to see the entire story from seeding to serving.”

    Funders: internal funding with in-kind contributions from Decisive Farming, Grain Discovery and Red Shed Malting.

  • Telus Ag - Farm at Hand

    Farm at Hand

    Farm at Hand is a software that provides systems for field and inventory management, activity tracking and equipment information management which can support producers by simplifying decision-making and increasing profits. In partnership with TELUS Ag, Olds College evaluated the Farm at Hand platform's overall cost, ease of use, interoperability, performance, security, support, features, and functionality.

    Funder: TELUS