Adopting Autonomous Agriculture

Olds College and TD Bank Group are collaborating to develop and deliver the Autonomous Agriculture Education Series Sponsored by TD Bank Group.  

The education series is designed to take producers on a journey from a concept through to the adoption of practice on their own operations.

Session 3 of the Autonomous Agriculture Series is for Adopting Autonomous Agriculture. Each producer/learner to have an adoption plan and understand the financial, skills and risks involved in introducing technologies into their existing operations. 

Date: August 4-9, 2021

Delivery: Online/ Olds College Campus

Cost: $399 +GST

Education Series Dates

  • Session 1: Introduction to Autonomous Agriculture - FREE WEBINAR | February 24, 2021 | Online
  • Session 2: Real-World Experience with Autonomous Equipment and Data Analytics Goal  | April 14, 2021 | Olds College Campus

Costs: Costs vary depending on session