Year-Round Fibre Arts Workshops

Continuing Education - Fibre Arts Workshops

What can you expect from the program/course?

Whether you’ve never sat at a spinning wheel before or you’ve been spinning for years and want to broaden your skills, this workshop is a great jumping-off point. We will start at the very beginning and build the skills you need to spin great yarns.

What will you learn?

You will learn the basic mechanics of your spinning wheel and how to make your wheel work best for you. Then, working with wool rovings and tops, you will learn to spin singles in both worsted and woollen styles of drafting and how to ply a balanced yarn. Topics covered will include:

  • spinning wheel mechanics (how YOUR wheel works)
  • understanding commercial wool preparations
  • drafting worsted-style singles
  • drafting woollen-style singles
  • plying methods for 2-ply and 3-ply yarns
  • finishing techniques
  • discussion of fibre characteristics and how they affect yarns

Program at a glance:

Certification: Non-credit

Length of Program: TBD

Dates: TBD

Applications Open: TBD

Registration Deadline: TBD

Delivery: TBD

Costs: TBD

Prerequisites: Participants should be able to comfortably spin a consistent yarn.