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Fruit Production (University of Saskatchewan)

30 hours | Online | Term 2 | $562.64

You will learn about the role of the prairie climate in large-scale fruit production; plant breeding and cold hardiness; flowering and fruit development; fruit growth, thinning, and maturity indices; harvesting techniques; and concepts of post-harvest storage are briefly discussed. Site selection orchard establishment, planting and frost protection, as well as pruning and grafting are also covered. Fruit crops include apples, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries, currants, and saskatoon berries. It is strongly recommended that you complete Applied Botany before registering for Fruit Production.

Required Text & Materials: No Required Text

Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that students complete Applied Botany before registering for Fruit Production.

Recommended Text:

  • Bors, Bob and Matthews, Linda. Dwarf Sour Cherries: A Guide for Commercial Production. 2004. ISBN: 978-0-88880-492-1. Approximate cost: $18.00 + GST
  • Saskatoon Berry Production Manual. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Spencer, Robert et al. 2013. 9780773261013, Approximate cost:  $15 + GST

To order the textbook call the U of S Bookstore at 306.966.4465 or 1.888.214.8888