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Landscape Design

60 hours | Online | Terms 1, 2 | $699.00

Develop the skills you need to produce a simple landscape design for a client. This course covers explaining the design process, identifying client needs, producing a series of preliminary site plans and a design program, using drafting equipment, and producing a basic landscape design in “plan view”.

Students should note that the course is client based.  It is helpful for the student to to have a client in their area who would like their yard redesigned and has agreed to work with the student prior to registering for the course.

Required Text & Materials:

  • 2 Sizes of paper:

    You may submit assignments on either Vellum or plain white paper. Vellum is semi-transparent, giving you the ability to make a neat traced copy of your drawings. 

    If you wish to collect information on graph paper, confirm if it is Imperial or Metric and matches the unit you are working in.  Graph paper and photocopies of graph paper are NOT to be submitted.

    Sizes of Paper Needed

    • 8.5 x 11
    • 11 x 17
    • 18 x 24 (Final Design)

    Also, using a few sheets for under-padding usually improves the drawing quality.

  • 2 Sizes of envelopes:

    Base Drawings are allowed one fold, to fit into envelope.

    Final Design is allowed one fold in each direction, to fit into envelope.  Please do not use a mailing tube.

    Envelope Sizes Needed

    • 5 x 11
    • 10 x 13
  • 1 – 24” T square

  • 1 – 30 degree set square

  • 1 – 45 degree set square

  • 1 – circle template

  • 3 – drafting pencils (2H, H, HB) - See Module 9 to choose type you wish to purchase.

  • 1 – pencil sharpener - Unless you purchase pencils that don't need sharpening.
  • 1 – eraser

  • 1 – erasing shield

  • 1 – metric scale (100-500) - If you choose to work in Metric: OR, 
    1 – engineers scale (10-60) - If you choose to work in Imperial: OR BOTH IF YOU WISH

Students with questions about acquiring these supplies should contact Olds College Continuing Education at 1.800.661.6537.