Safe Work/Pesticide Application (Assiniboine College)

30 hours | Online | January 15 - March 23 or March 26 - June 1
Exam dates (if applicable): March 24 or June 2

Learn about different aspects of attitudes on safety in the use of pesticides in the horticulture industry. Topics include: basic chemistry; legislation and regulations; labeling; toxicity; handling practices; environmental protection; pest management; application equipment; emergency response; and public relations. The course provides an opportunity to write the qualifying exams for the Manitoba Pesticide Applicator Certification in the landscape category according to the National Task Force Standards on Pesticide Education, Training and Certification.

This course is of particular interest to horticulturalists who apply pesticides, but are not mandated to be certified or licensed. Registering for this course also provides the opportunity to register with Assiniboine College for the Manitoba Pesticide Landscape Applicators Certification exams. Manitoba Agriculture would accept for licensing, under the Manitoba Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act, candidates who have successfully completed pesticide training as developed under the National Task Force Standards on Pesticide Education, Training and Certification. Individuals from Saskatchewan completing Safe Work/Pesticide Application who also obtain their Manitoba license are eligible to apply for their Saskatchewan permit.

Those completing Safe Work/Pesticide Application who also obtain only their Manitoba certificate would be eligible for a Saskatchewan permit after challenging and successfully completing the Saskatchewan exam. We recommend you contact Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food at 306.787.4669 for more information regarding Saskatchewan requirements. If you are interested in whether this course can be used for certification purposes in Alberta, please call Alberta Environmental Protection at 403.310.3773 regarding Alberta regulations. There is no final exam in this course.

Tuition: $485 | Credits: 3 | Prerequisites: None

Required Text & Materials

  1. Guide to Greenhouse Floriculture Production, Publication 370; Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 2012 CD Format Only. Available online at
  2. Growing Greenhouse Vegetables in Ontario, Publication 876; Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - 2010, ISBN 9781443539241.  Approximate cost: $22 + GST

Call the ACC Bookstore at 1.800.862.6307, ext. 6788 to order textbooks.

Small Business Management:  Launching and Growing New Ventures; Sixth Canadian Edition, Justin Longenecker et al. ISBN 0-17-653221-8, Approximate cost: $137.95

To order textbook, call the Olds College bookstore at 1.800.661.6537, Ext.4630

Registration Deadline: Next term: March 24. Following term: June 2