Tourism Business & Services Management Certificate

Olds College Tourism & Hospitality student

What can you expect from this program/course?

This 5 course program is designed for individuals who are currently employed within the tourism businesses and the tourism service sector and are looking for an opportunity to further develop and enhance their knowledge and advance their career potential.

Courses offered include: 

  • Integrated Communication for Effective Management
  • Principles of Tourism Operations
  • Principles of Supervision in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Analyzing Tourism Businesses & Services
  • Managing for Quality Service

What will you learn?

This certificate is designed to ensure that learners will understand the human side of the tourism industry as they demonstrate effective planning, organizing, training, directing and evaluating employees and processes.

Program at a glance

Credential: Certificate

Length of Program: 8 Weeks / Course

Method of Delivery: Online

Program Intakes: Staggered Intake, 1 Course / 8 Week period, beginning January 2018

Applications Are Open Now. Registration Deadline: Two weeks prior

Selection Process for Admission: First registered, first accepted

Fees: $799 per course

Admission Requirements: None

Course Details

Each course can be taken individually. 

Integrated Communication for Effective Management | March 18 – May 10, 2019

Students will identify and discuss elements of effective communication. They will prepare materials that will enhance communication practices and be an extension of their management techniques. The scope of this course will cover principles of written and verbal interactions, internal and external communications, meeting preparation, delivery and recordkeeping, training, presentations, leading meetings, soliciting and utilizing feedback, and the use of various technologies.

Prerequisite: None

Registration Deadline: January 5

Principles of Tourism Operations | Jan 21 – March 15, 2019

This course exposes students to the global tourism industry and the important role it plays in our economy. Students will study the scale and impact of the industry while applying principles and best practices that affect cultural, social, and economic influences

Prerequisite: None

Registration Deadline: 2-weeks prior

Principles of Supervision in Hospitality & Tourism | October 29 - December 21, 2018

This course is designed to provide students with the principles of supervision as they apply specifically to the hospitality and tourism industry. While recognizing relevant Alberta employment and human rights legislation, students will explore, develop, and apply effective strategies for onboarding, training, supervising, evaluating, engaging, and empowering employees.

Prerequisite: None

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks prior

Analyzing Tourism Businesses & Services | July 8 – August 30, 2019

Students will analyze local, regional and global tourism facilities, operations and services. Students will identify best practices as well as develop and propose strategies for improved products, operations and services. Key topics include: management functions; marketing and sales concepts; cost and yield management principles; and planning and development considerations.

Prerequisite: TBD

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks prior

Managing for Quality Service | May 13 – July 5, 2019

In this course students will assess guest needs and develop business strategies that result in service excellence. The scope of this course involves opportunities to generate ideas and create procedures that integrate quality service into all aspects of the guest experience.

Prerequisite: None

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks prior