Fundamental Forging

Blacksmith works on horseshoe

What can you expect from this program/course?

Learn basic blacksmith skills in a hands-on course. The course includes an overview of safety, tools, and forge management. You will go home with at least one finished project. This is a great opportunity for you to be creative and learn a heritage skill.

What will you learn?

Students will apply knowledge and metalworking skills such as

  • drawing out a taper
  • flattening
  • punching holes
  • forming decorative scrolls, leaves or even animal heads when manipulating steel over a forge.  

Students will work to transform a piece of steel into a variety of project possibilities such as hooks, key rings, bottle openers, letter openers, pendants, fire pokers or candle holders.

Program at a glance

Credentials: Non-credit

Program Dates:

  • January 19, 2019
  • March 23, 2019

Length of Program: 1 Day (7 Hours)

Delivery Method: Olds Campus

Applications Deadline: Minimum enrolment requirements must be met 1-week prior to class date.

Costs: $199 + GST

Required Text & Materials: Please wear safety boots and cotton clothing (heavy jeans or fire retardant coveralls are best and easiest). Bring a cross pein or ball pein hammer to use. There will be some extras in class if you do not have one. If you already have forging tongs please bring them. Otherwise there will be some available for use