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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Olds College Meat Processing certificate is unique in North America as it packs the whole process stream, from slaughter to retail, into 15 weeks. Where big plants once dominated the industry – the revival of the art is back; teaching hands-on practical techniques and science for the highest premium quality cuts. As a successful graduate you will gain the experience needed to start your own entrepreneurial business venture or take your skills to Canada’s third largest industry!


The Olds College is the National Meat Training Centre for Canada and three times a year our program takes in a wide range of students from all over North America. We teach techniques for professional meat cutting, trimming, boning, breaking, wrapping, sausage-making and curing with professional sanitation and food safety applications, including HACCP. We are Alberta’s training site for humane handling and stunning – and the only program in North America that teaches slaughter skills and techniques such as skinning, eviscerating and carcass preparation.


We boast an extensive multi-purpose facility that is fully equipped to teach you value added skill sets and knowledge for the meat industry. Our facilities are expanded to cater to large and small industry – from sausage making and dried, cured hams to the installation of an industrial canner. At our popular retail counter, you will learn applied retail merchandising and customer service skills in explaining the attributes and benefits of various products and cuts.


All students will complete four core courses: Meat Cutting; Value Added Processing; Food Safety and Sanitation; and Meat Industry Communication. Students then select one of the two options to specialize in:

  • Livestock Slaughter: through guided instruction and on site applications, students will perform humane slaughter of selected livestock species to meet industry and regulatory inspection requirements.
  • Meat Merchandising & Marketing: students will gain practical skills in meat merchandising and marketing through the management of a service case and advanced merchandising techniques.


“The Meat Processing program gave me the broad skills needed to open my own butcher shop. I was able to make virtually any type of product needed. The cutting-edge food safety components helped us differentiate ourselves in industry and keep us on top. We are grateful to the resources Olds College shared with us, and continue to use them to advance our business.” - Greg Pahl, Production Manager/Owner, Medicine Hat Meat Traders Ltd.



This data comes from our academic database and is for the most current academic year.

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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Olds College has a solid reputation working with employers in the industry! This directly translates into jobs for our graduates. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional retail or industry meat cutter
  • Value added meat processor
  • Sausage maker
  • Slaughter man
  • Own and operate a business venture


Graduates are also well-placed to pursue further education options such as a Meat Science degree or with further training graduates can qualify as trained meat inspectors.

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