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Combyne Ag

Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is teaming up with Combyne Ag to evaluate its software for farmers.

Combyne group at AgSmart Expo

Combyne is a crop marketing management tool, which focuses on marketable crop inventories and recordkeeping. The program merges projected and harvested yield with contract, delivery and settlement recordkeeping into one platform. This helps farmers make informed decisions when it comes to price, risk, cash flow and profitability.

 Project Goals

  • Validate flow of Combyne's existing onboarding process for new users. 
  • Validate the fit and functionality of total marketable crop (projected yields, harvested bushels and sold crops) and the breakdown of storage (on-farm vs off-farm) in Combyne. 
  • Validate fit of Combyne's existing trade document management functionality using data and records of the Olds College Smart Farm.

Funders/Partners: Combyne Ag 

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