Education Abroad

Education abroad is an enriching and intensive educational experience and includes opportunities such as summer programs, internships, and study tours. These can be anywhere from five days to four months and both independent and group travel. These experiences help develop cross-cultural communication skills, create an international network, and enhance your academic profile. Becoming an active part of our globalized world builds independence, initiative and adaptability. These skills are valuable and employable in our global market.


An internship is a professional learning experience offered by an employer to give students meaningful exposure to the work environment. Internships can vary in length, discipline and type of position.

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Summer Programs

Spend two to four weeks studying abroad, learning both in and out of the classroom. These programs offer students a unique and unforgettable academic, professional and personal life experience. 

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Study Tours

A study tour offers unique travel experience that combines learning with travel. Travelling to various parts of the globe help students and faculty learn, exchange, and grow in their field.

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Interested in Education Abroad?

Come see the Education Abroad Advisor in Olds College International (located in the Office of the Registrar, Bell e-Learning Centre)
Phone: 403.507.7991