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Learning Support

The place to go for academic help. We are located in the Learning Commons and provide:

Tutor support

Tutor support

Content specific tutoring and supplemental learning opportunities

Time Management

Time management and organization skills 

Learn strategies to maximize your academic success

Reading and Note Taking

Reading and note-taking strategies

Learn strategies for active reading, enhancing reading comprehension, and taking effective notes

Exam and Anxiety coping

Exam Strategies 

Learn how to prepare for exams and how to cope with anxiety.

Intercultural Skills

Intercultural Skills

Improve your most essential intercultural interactions such as group work and talking with people in authority.



Learn to plan, draft, and edit written assignments effectively. Understand the tools and resources available for you. Understand and use APA. 

Oral Communication Skills

Oral Communication Skills

Get help preparing for demanding speaking tasks like giving class presentations.

Canadian English

Canadian English

Get help selecting which pronunciation features to work on and add. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is content-specific tutoring?

A second year student with proven academic grasp in a particular course or subject matter will meet with you for one-to-one assistance.

  • Clarify your understanding in personalized, one-to-one sessions

  • Meet in the Library at mutually convenient times

  • Appointments are usually one hour in duration