Student Support for Online Learning

  • You still need to study! Many students feel they do not need to study for open-book tests since they will have notes and texts available to them. However, you still need to prepare, as these types of exams measure your understanding of the material, not just rote memorization or recall. Notes and books should be used as a reference, not as answers. Open book tests will ask you to apply, evaluate, explain, formulate, compare or analyze. Preparation is key for these types of tests. 

  • Many of you will have to do a presentation at some point for a college class.  This tip sheet provides some options for you to do a presentation in an online learning environment.  Find the option that best fits your learning style and/or the criteria set out by your instructor.

  • Quick tips for using online conferencing

    If you have a poor internet connection it is recommended to turn off your webcam (if applicable) as the video component takes high bandwidth. 

  • Free Apps Available to Download on Your Device While Social Distancing - Stay positive, healthy, and connected.

Accessing H: Drive off Campus
  1. Open your favorite browser. Firefox, Edge, chrome, Opera
  2. Go to
  3. Put in user name and password (Win\Student #, password for moodle and lab computers) 
  4. Click on H drive
  5. Open the file from the downloads folder or downloads bar depending on your browser
  6. Click “don’t ask me again for remote connections from this publisher”
  7. Enter your password once more and click “remember me” followed by OK


Copying files from H to Local Computer

  1. Find the files you wish to transfer from your H: drive

  2. Select them, right-click and choose copy

  3. Click on This PC on the left hand side

  4. Under Redirected drives and folders you will see all drives connected to your personal computer, choose the location you wish to move your files to

  5. Once at the location you want your files to be you can right click and paste your documents. This will copy them directly to your own device for access at any time.