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Tips to Manage Depression

Get Outside

Studies have shown that just looking at an image of nature can unleash the ‘rest and digest’ response of the nervous system. Fresh air, sunshine, trees, water, provide their own kind of medicine. In addition, numerous studies have shown that feel-good chemicals flood the body when we exercise. Combining the two can be a potent combo.

Reduce Your Stress & Sleep Better

Check out last week’s newsletter entry for tips and strategies to reduce stress—which includes tips to strengthen your sleeping habits.

Develop Self Awareness

Getting to know one-self better means learning what behaviours and thoughts tend to prompt negative outcomes. The more clarity we have, the easier we can find the solutions we are needing.

Improve Diet

We know the body and mind are intertwined. Take care of the mind, the body will thank you, and vice versa. Check out some tips here:

Create a Wellness Toolkit

Develop strategies and techniques for wellness, and take these with you wherever you go. Some examples include: journaling, affirmations, breathwork, laughter, meditation, etc.

Remember No One Size Fits All

People say this, other studies say that—if only it were that simple. Every person is unique as are the days and seasons of life. This understanding can help us from getting into a rut.

Connect with Your Network

Connection is essential. Whether your network includes friends, family, or a focused support group, the important thing to remember is: 1) you are never alone in what you are experiencing, and 2) support is always available. Contact if you want to connect with a counsellor or learn about what resources are available to you.