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Achieving the Appropriate Amount of Sleep

Your sleeping routine can impact your mental and physical health. The recommended amount of sleep an adult should strive to achieve is 7-9 hours each night. There are many benefits to a good night’s sleep and allowing time for your body to rest can help improve your ability to learn, perform and communicate.

4 Benefits of Getting a Good Sleep:

  1. Improves Memory: Maintaining an adequate sleep schedule can help you recall information. It allows you to remain focused and enhances your memory.

  2. Enhances Your Athletic Abilities: Achieving proper sleeping habits can aid in your athletic abilities. Sleep helps provide energy, repair your muscles and improves your motivation. In addition, adequate sleep can improve your physical performance.

  3. Immunity Booster: A lack of sleep can affect the way your immune system functions. Cells may be slower to attack harmful bacteria or viruses, which can lead to more sicknesses.

  4. Improves Mood: Your emotions can be significantly affected by your sleep. Reduced sleep can lead to depression. With a good sleeping schedule, you can increase emotion stability.

It is so important to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule in order to enhance your physical and mental health. Many people are unaware of the signs of sleep deprivation.

Signs of Sleep Deprivation

  • Having a difficult time getting out of bed

  • Falling asleep unintentionally while doing something relaxing (watching tv)

  • Requiring a nap

  • Feeling tired after heavy meals

  • Requiring an alarm clock in order to get out of bed


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