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Alberta Depot’s Unique Art Piece Now Featured at Olds College

Original Media Release crafted by Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation

Recycled Bottle TreeAugust 31, 2017 - Alberta Depot commissioned local artists Christine Pedersen, Cory Barkman and Jeff de Boer to create a stunning large tree sculpture entitled Return. Made using recycled beverage containers, and standing at an impressive 11 plus feet tall, the sculpture represents the positive community impact from Alberta’s continued commitment to beverage container recycling. Alberta Depot is proud to be partnering with Olds College to display a unique piece of artwork that is not only beautiful, but educational. Return is available for viewing at Olds College in the Learning Resource Centre until the end of October.

About Return

The Beauty of Recycling is represented by a young tree, an eternal symbol of life and renewal, and a potent symbol of our stewardship of the Earth. This tree is growing from a supportive, cradled human hand that speaks to our shared community action, and the choices that are in our hands.

The hand contains beverage container materials that we have borrowed from the earth, made to resemble natural foliage, flowers and fruits. The mass of packaging shows how quickly the physical value can pile up, and therefore the importance of diverting these containers from landfills by returning them for re-use.

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