Johnston-Berresford Takes Leadership Role at Canada Games


Johnston-Berresford Takes Leadership Role at Canada Games

Johnston-Berresford Takes Leadership Role at Canada GamesBrewery program instructor Peter Johnston-Berresford has been working with organizers of the Canada Games in two roles: the first as a Canada Winter Games Food Committee member whose overarching goal is to ensure good quality, nutritional food is available for athletes, officials and volunteers.  The second is as the Venue Lead for the Westerner Park facility, site of Table Tennis, Boxing, Judo and Archery. Peter has already been working in this role for the past year, and has helped to shape a positive experience for athletes and volunteers.

The latter role has included a wide range of responsibilities, including ensuring that there is enough food available for athletes and volunteers, managing dietary restrictions, ensuring that safe food handling procedures are met by the 12+ staff he supervises and liaising with a myriad of other groups who work collaboratively to stage such a massive event.

“This is a huge event, not just for Red Deer, not just for Alberta but for the whole of Canada. Athletes who excel here are key candidates for the Canada's next Olympic Team. We have thousands of athletes and volunteers who will be making the trek from across this great country. The people who volunteer alongside me are committed, a great group of people and we've worked hard to try and bring the best experience forward for our guests."

Peter and the Foods team he is working with have taken great care to ensure that all logistical obstacles are planned for and that all conceivable risks are managed.

“It’s really all about the athletes,” Peter explains.  “Every day, we feed about 100-150 athletes plus another 200-250 volunteers, this just at the Westerner. Roughly 1500 athletes are competing at a host of different venues. This is such a unique opportunity for these athletes to compete on a national stage, to meet the folks of the Games and to learn a little about Alberta. I wanted to do my part in ensuring that the event goes well, and contribute in some meaningful way to each athlete's success. It just seemed like the right thing to do."