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Sports Management Students, Faculty Volunteer for Winter Games

Sports Management StudentsOver 20 Sports Management students signed on to volunteer at the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer.  The opportunity came about in discussions by faculty members Larry Couture, Kurt Spady and Bob Van Someren, who also volunteered at the games.

“We teach Sports Management students and noted that the Games was a natural opportunity for us to participate in the event” recalls Couture. “Students gained valuable experience, and had the chance to witness how large sporting events run. It was such a unique opportunity, that we felt that our students had to participate if they could.”

Students also received the benefit of observing, and in some cases interacting with and learning from the top amateur coaches in the nation, often in sports that are new to them.  This is, along with their coaching class, will give them some insight into the ways of instructing and interacting with athletes at a highly competitive event, which will be valuable as the students move into coaching careers of their own.

Many of the students used their winter break to volunteer, instead of having to miss an entire two weeks of classes to do so. Some students are also volunteering this week, despite having to make arrangements with other instructors to do so.  

Most students were placed as officials for sports, such as biathlon and snowboarding. Some students opted to volunteer for the ACAC Curling Championships, hosted in Olds by Broncos Athletics, instead of volunteering at the games. Regardless of where they volunteered, or what activities they have been asked to do, the students found the experience to be one they are grateful for.