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If your veterinary team is looking for training to enhance both the client experience and internal relationships,  this training may be your key to unlocking the communication potential within your practice!

Improve communication outcomes and enhance the client experience by learning and applying communication skills to each client interaction. Reduce stress and compassion fatigue within your veterinary team by providing them with the skills to navigate potentially challenging interactions. Just imagine the enthusiasm and productivity when your entire team feels calm & confident handling even the most challenging situations!

Bring the expertise in to your clinic to save both time & money. We provide customized communication seminars and workshops that address the unique client base, practice type and team structure of each veterinary practice.



Seminar or workshops 2-4 hours in length that can be delivered at the location easiest for your team to access:  

1) Your practice location
2) Olds College Calgary Campus
3) Olds Campus, Olds, AB


Some of our most popular session topics:

1) Discussing money with clients
2) Core communication skill building
3) Grief support during pet loss
4) Enhancing client experiences
5) Client centered approach to veterinary consultations



This course list comes from our Curricunet Academic database

Session facilitator: Becky Taylor

Becky Taylor has been active in her career as a Registered Animal Health Technologist (AHT) in Alberta for over 20 years. She graduated from Fairview College in 1993 and worked in a mixed animal practice for over 6 years. In 1999, Becky joined the teaching team at Olds College in the AHT Program. Along with her teaching role, she is currently the coordinator of the following programs; Animal Health Technology, (AHT), Veterinary Medical Receptionist (VMR) and Veterinary Technical Assistant (VTA). Becky holds a certificate in Veterinary Hospital Management and has completed extensive training in leadership and communication. Becky’s passion for working with people has led to her devoting much of her professional development to learning and teaching communication skills in an applied manner. She has been active on provincial and national veterinary organizations as well as on various committees at Olds College. She has spoken extensively on the topic of communication to various groups in the animal health industry and is well respected for her enthusiasm and knowledge in that area. She loves working with students and is a strong advocate for Olds College. Becky is currently completing her Master of Arts in Professional Communication through Royal Roads University.

Continuing Education

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