girl leading a horse


Horse Photography
A one day seminar that teaches how to take that awesome horse image


Equine First Aid
This very popular and practical 2.5 day session teaches equine first aid

Animal Science

Equine Courses

These hands-on courses help you become a more confident and educated horse owner - from hoof care & trimming to photography, to safety in the backcountry. These courses will help save you money, keep you safe & help you enjoy caring for your horse!  

Continuing Education Department

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Continuing Education: Animal Science - Equine Courses

Horse Hoof Care and Trimming

You will practice trimming in a supervised setting. If you would like to put your newly acquired knowledge to use immediately, you have the opportunity to bring your own horses on the last day of the course; this way you can trim your horses for the first time with assistance & guidance from your instructor.

Introduction to Equine Anatomy

You have requested more knowledge about the horse. This 1-day course will introduce you the systems of the horse. You will be able to converse more effectively with all the health providers of your horse when you understand the five basic systems of your horse. This is an excellent course to take before you take equine massage, or introduction to equine conformation.