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Learn to drive your horse! Now is your opportunity to learn in a safe and supervised environment while you master the fundamentals of horse driving, harnessing, and the dynamics of driving a team.



Equine Driving Clinic Level 1

  • This weekend course will provide an understanding of the fundamentals of driving and basic horse psychology. 
  • Hands on experience in harnessing, ground driving, hooking to equipment and driving a single horse as well as a team.

Equine Driving Clinic Level 2

  • This weekend course will allow you to safely gain the experience you need to drive three abreast, unicorn and four up.

Learn to Drive Your Own Horse

  • This course will take you and horse through the basics of harnessing and driving in a safe andf supervised environment.
  • You will hitch your horse to a trained driving horse and when all is right you may move on to hooking up to a carriage or driving cart on your own.

This course list comes from our Curricunet Academic database

Instructor Bio

Dwayne McArthur has been a teamster starting, training and driving horses the old fashion way for over 15 years. As new ways, thoughts and processes have progressed over the years, he has been introducing them into the program & courses here at  the College. When dealing with 1200 - 2200 lbs draft horses, Dwayne is a believer that one needs to be firm, while using as little pressure as possible. The safety of his students, as well as his horses, is his main priority.

Dwayne supplies his own horses for the program at Olds College, he has 7 teams for all different levels of drivers and teamsters.

When Dwayne is teaching at the college, his style is the same as when back home on the ranch  - no 'fancy stuff' or showing. He does sleigh and wagon rides, as well as field work and logging at home, and brings this experience and knowledge to share in the classroom.

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