During this intensive 4-day course, students are introduced to all aspects of artificial insemination and herd reproduction management; this includes the opportunity for both classroom learning and plenty of hands-on experience!

***Please note that you have the choice to complete the written and practical exam to receive credit, or choose the audit option.

  • Lectures provide an understanding of controlled breeding, sire selection & nutrition
  • Quality speakers share their insights on nutrition, EPD’s and synchronization
  • The hands-on portion of this course will provide the opportunity for students to practice correct semen handling and artificial insemination techniques and procedures
  • Also addressed are the logistics of getting set up to practice A.I. on your own, including required equipment and costs

Agenda Items Include:

  • Registration and Welcome
  • Outline Reproductive Tract, How AI Techniques are applied
  • Cow Reproductive Tracts
  • Seven Hands-on Live Cow Sessions
  • Nutrition and Its Affect on Reproduction
  • Introduction to Semen Tank
  • Equipment Costs, Logistics of Starting AI at home
  • Sire Selection based on Bull Proofs
  • Heat Detection, Heat Detection Aides, Synchronization
  • Estrous Cycle
  • Timing of Insemination
  • Factors that affect AI Success

This is a hands-on course, so please arrive with:

  • Safe & appropriate footwear (rubber boots – not required to be steel-toe)
  • Clothing that allows ease of movement & layers to accommodate variable fall weather
  • No dangly jewelry or long fingernails
  • Coveralls – regular (not disposable)
  • Pens, paper etc.

This is a very popular course so register early to ensure you can attend!

Course Details

Course Dates/Times

April 5 - 8, 2018

Daily hours vary with each class, however most days class will run 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. The last day of the course ends by 1:00pm

Delivery Method 

On Campus - Hands-on

Course length 

3 1/2 days


2 credits




Olds College - Livestock Centre



$649 for full-time Olds College students

Other fees


Required Text & Materials 

All learning materials & supplies provided

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to each class start date:

Other details

You must come in appropriate footwear and clothing - please see above for specific requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay for the exam portion if I am choosing to audit only?
No - if you do not require the credits and grades recorded on a transcript, you can choose to audit the course and leave early  on the last day of the course (when the last live-cow session ends before lunch).

Continuing Education


"The course showed an excellent amount of information on proper techniques for AI'ing cattle. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their knowledge of cattle" ~ Luke Tannas (Fall, 2014)

"I found the course very helpful to me as a young purebred enthusiast" ~ Jay Rimke (Fall, 2014)

"Instructors are very knowledgeable and personable.  The AI course contains lots of hands-on experience with the cattle. An overall great experience!" ~ Morgan Ramsay (Fall, 2014)

"I am extremely happy with every aspect of the course. I feel very confident in my ability to AI my own cows" ~ Josh Moyer (Spring, 2015)

For More Information:

Continuing Education Department

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Email: coned@oldscollege.ca

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