Continuing Education

Hospitality and Tourism

Olds College is proud to offer three fantastic short certificates in the areas of Hospitality & Tourism education.  Whether you're currently in the industry looking to take on additional challenges, or you're looking to acquire the skills to enter into the workforce, there are educational options available for you.

Each certificate contains 5 courses, entirely online and each course is only 8 weeks long.  Great to do while you're working to improve your skillset.  Click on a certificate option to your left to learn more.

Continuing Education Department

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Continuing Education: Hospitality & Tourism

Customized Training & The Alberta-Canada Job Grant

Are you an employer whose employees could use some extra training?  Are you an employee whose employer is interested in helping you continue your professional development?  We can customize corporate, private training for you and your employees, which is also tailored to be eligible for the Alberta-Canada Job Grant.  Under the Canada-Alberta Job Grant employers are reimbursed for 2/3 of eligible training costs to a maximum of $10,000 per employee!  Find out more information on your eligibility!

Expand your career opportunities in the world of business, or develop the fundamental business skills needed to support your future career or create a team-building experience for you and your employees. Whatever your goal, we can work with you or your organization to customize a private training offering suited to your needs. This can take the form of on-site training, or bring your employees to Olds College for a professional development experience out of the office. One-on-One or Corporate Group Training available.

Contact us at the information above for more information.