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  • Hort Week
    Enjoy the company of fellow horticultural enthusiasts, participate in workshops, enjoy new courses, and relax in the gardens! Come for a day or stay the week and take in the whole experience!
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Guest Information

A Summer Vacation Like No Other - The Hort Week Experience!

Driving to Campus?

Here are the driving directions to Olds College from Calgary International Airport - by Google.

Parking is free on Olds College during Hort Week.  Visit our Campus Maps section for information and maps to help orient yourself around campus.

Why Not Stay?

Hort Week participants often take advantage of the on-site accommodations at Olds College.  Book some holiday time and stay overnight on campus in our student townhouses and get the benefit of:

  -  The convenience of walking through our Botanic Gardens on your way to and from your selected courses/workshops each day - no driving necessary!

  -  Taking advantage of evening events on and off campus, both organized or informal gatherings with fellow "Hort Week'ers".

  -  Becoming a part of the Hort Week Community, make friends with like-minded people also on "holiday"

  -  Using the Community Learning Campus (CLC) Fitness Centre, a state- of-the-art fitness facility with indoor track, just a 3 minute walk from our townhouses.

  -  Using the Olds Aquatic Centre, also just a 3 minute walk from our townhouses.

  -  Dining on or off campus at one of the many venues Olds College and the Town of Olds have to offer.

On Campus Accommodations

Most participants prefer to stay on the campus and take advantage of Olds College "College Court" Townhouse or "Centennial Village" Dormitory accommodations.

If after reading the below information, you still have questions, please see the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Centennial Village is equipped with single rooms, with a double bed. Each room has its own washroom and a small closet. Please note, that we do require at least one person over the age of 18 in each room. Room rates are as follows (linen and towels provided):

Single occupancy:  $70 + GST and Hotel Tax
Double occupancy:  $80 + GST and Hotel Tax

Guests also have the ability to launder items in Centennial Village (pay per wash).

You can view the rooms online at

College Courts are small town house style units with 4 bedrooms (one single bed in each room), and two full washrooms, as well as a small kitchen and living space. The kitchen is equipped with a stove/oven, fridge, and sink. There is no microwave, dishes, dish towels, pots/pans, utensils, etc. provided. There needs to be at least one adult over 18 in a town house with the group.

$260 per townhouse ($65 per person) + GST and Hotel Tax

This year, townhouses are in the process of being renovated.  The price above indicates the renovated townhouse rate.  A small number of townhouses which are still in their original state will be provided a discount.

Guests in both accommodation options also have the ability to launder items in Centennial Village (pay per wash).

You can view the rooms online at

To book your stay, contact Conference Services at (403) 556-8330

Also located on the grounds of Olds College is the Pomeroy Inn and Suites.  This venue offers a variety of options as can be seen on their website:  Pomeroy Inn & Suites

Off Campus Accommodations

If staying on campus is not for you, there are a number of other options available:

  -  Pomeroy Inn & Suites at Olds College (403) 556-8815 (Toll Free: 855-800-8815)
  -  Auberge Brown Bed & Breakfast (Toll Free: 888 556-9466)
  -  Best Western Hotel: 403-556-5900 (Toll Free: 888-908-5900)
  -  Ramada Inn: 403-507-8349
  -  O.R. Hedges Campground: 403-556-2299


During Hort Week various restaurants & fast food outlets are available in the town of Olds, on and near the campus.  More information on food options will be made available when you check in for your classes!

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Department

Phone: 1-800-661-6537

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