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Want to learn introductory or advanced sewing techniques? Home or exhibition booth design? Have an interest in the history of fashion? A variety of fashion related evening and weekend courses are coming soon to The Fashion Institute in Calgary.  Register for one of our courses below, or contact the program coordinator to let us know what you'd like to see!

We're excited to be considering further Fashion courses for future face-to-face offerings in Calgary.  Olds College has an excellent full time Fashion program which has knowledge and experience that can be customized to meet your specific industry need.  Below is an example of a course that can be put together and tailored to fit.  

If you're looking to have a group trained, contact the program coordinator below to arrange a private offering.  If you're looking for yourself or for general interest please sign up for our emailing list to be contacted when an offering is available (check the Fashion box).


Sewing With Leather Series - Exploring Leather Types

Have you ever wanted to learn more about sewing leather? Interested in trying out an industrial use sewing machine before you purchase one of your own? The Fashion Institute is hosting a series of Sewing With Leather courses, many of which make use of our industrial machines. Through a series of hands on projects, you will learn to identify characteristics of leather hides and apply techniques used in constructing leather projects. Try out our first project in the series,

Garment Leather – Shaving Kit/Cosmetic Bag:

- Identify cutting techniques used for selected garment leathers

- Apply construction techniques used for garment leathers

- Construct a project using garment leather

Participants must be 16+

Required Supplies: A tool kit is required for this course.  Participants can purchase a tool kit bundle upon registration for the course, or source the materials separately.  Below is a list of required supplies if the tool kit option is not purchased:

• Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter
• Extra Blade for Olfa Cutter
• Plastic Thread Snips
• Seam Ripper with Tapered Handle
• Knife blade sewing shear (eg - Heritage Cutlery 6” Scissors)
• Metal needle threader
• 18" Steel Ruler

We cannot provide partial supplies through Olds College at this time.

Required Skills:  Student must be able to thread their machine.  Ability to use a straight & zig-zag stitch preferred. 

Dates:  6 days over 3 weekends

Time:  2hrs/day

Location:  The Fashion Institute, Calgary

Tuition:  $295 + $46 supplies and optional $75 toolkit fees

Vegetable Tanned Project - Belt
- Basic carving and stamping techniques
- Several basic dying and finishing techniques and products
- Introduce lacing (leather braiding)
- Apply some of the more common types of hardware used on heavier leathers
- Learn the names and uses of some of the more common tools

Required Supplies: A tool kit is required for this course.  Participants can purchase a tool kit bundle upon registration for the course, or source the materials separately.  Below is a list of required supplies if the tool kit option is not purchased:

  • Poly Mallet (large)
  • Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl
  • Craftool Ballpoint Stylus
  • Wood Slicker
  • Craftool Swivel Knife Deluxe Adjustable
  • 2-Prong Lacing Needle 

Dates:  6 days over 3 weekends

Time:  2 hrs/day

Location: The Fashion Institute, Calgary

Tuition:  $295 + $35 materials and $ 75 optional toolkit

Entrepreneurship as a Fashion Designer

A 2 part series.
Level 1:  Introduction to Entrepreneurship as a Fashion Designer.

Learn more about what your education and passion can do for you!  Whether you're a current student, recent alumni or an aspiring professional in fashion design, this course is designed to provide entrepreneur-focused education at a level that leads to professional careers as a fashion designer and business owner.

Calgary has a fashion community which has a lot of opportunity for recognition and growth of local talent.  Led by an instructor that has spent the last 6 years creating a network of local businesses, this short introduction takes your existing skills and experiences and helps you to apply them in a business structure specific to fashion design.

Level 2:  A Fashion Designer's Path to Business Start Up

An applied follow up to the introduction of Level 1, this class builds on what you've learned and puts your skills to the test hands-on. Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or you're really not sure at all, we have a pathway that will lead you.

The Fashion Designer's Path to Business Start Up Program, is a complete hands-on training course that includes all the Vital Steps to launching your first fashion collection. Work with a professional fashion designer and business owner to complete your own capsule collection ready for Western Canada Fashion Week while creating a business portfolio including a mock presentation to an experienced retail owner.

This course list comes from our Curricunet Academic database

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